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  • Honey, I'm home, but I'm so sick... going right to bed after I type this... woke up with it, now I feel worse... all in my head, sinuses and ears.
    I will see you next time
    :hearts2: LYMED :hearts2:
    I am so sorry you have to spend your free time dealing with that chit,you shouldn't have to but we know how that goes..I sure hope so,as I am so tired on being on my hinny like this N it sure makes for an ugly Pops. *LOL* I'm hoping I feel good enough to go to store tomorrow to get some things I am out of to do some more baking,Mrs c said she would help me.. well I hope they give you a nice big raise,so glad to hear that Earl is back to work.see I told you thinks will start working out for you..*LOL* I just came from bringing my brat out N looks like I have to turn the darn heat on again.hope it doesn't bring more unwanted guest looking for a place to get warm..I haven't recovered from last bout.my cabinet under my sink in bathroom still has a funny smell,had to wash 100's of towels some that have never even got used yet.*LOL* I still haven't put them back cause of smell,so may have to call ratman again..big warm Mom hugs *HUGS* Mom I Love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    well I feel ok but wish it was better ,my breathing has gotten really bad,I go for another xray this week so maybe that will tell us whats going on.I am hoping that big spot that was there the last time is gone..I am having problems with right leg (hip area) but xray showed nothing broke, so it could be just bruises bad or OA is setting in there too..ya I saw all the spammer on who's online but its that time of the year I guess.*LOL* I am so glad you are enjoying your job that sure helps.. Big warm Mom Hugs *HUGS* Mom I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon4mr/z3/Z/C/h/e/a.baa-.gif
    well Hello there !! so sorry went to take 5 but land up falling asleep,That darn couch.*LMBO* all I can say thats alot of missing then.. it sure has been a trip,one I don't want to go through again..what scared me the most is that Pops had no idea what to do in case of an emergency,when I fell N he couldn't get ahold of Mike cause of phone he could of taken my truck N went next door for help..so hope I got that straight with him..I still have problems sitting or using my right arm for along time (1/2 hr or so) then I can't breath after that..ya I saw some of his post,boy he has drove me crazy.. Big warm mom Hugs *HUGS* Mom I Love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Hello there Mom's Little Squirty !! Hope all is well with you,can't tell you how much I have missed you.. things are getting a bit better slowly. I will try to get back here after dinner. Big warm missed you so much mom hugs *HUGS* Mom I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Pops: hello there Pops little Squeaky girl !! did you miss me?? hehehehe hugs N Love *HUGS* Pops
    im sorry char!
    Originally Posted by Goodgrief
    My, oh my! By now, most of us who participate should be millionaires by now. Sorry, FunkingDave, this ain't a job. How about getting a real one?
    how about ,,,, funking off!:coinflip:
    yep all done....even got all the beer in!..:iheartyou:.......have a great day off babe..:kissinheart:
    hope your long days work went well babe.....:iheartyou::kissinheart:

    :hi: How was your day? I was in the hole all day, as you would call it. lol Went by fast which was nice.
    :hearts2: n3zd/z3/P/p/h/e/a.baa-.gif :hearts2:
    Love you and I LYMED :rosegive:
    I love you too and finally had time to do some PSP been so busy but-t-t I'm done with my shopping yah!!
    Now I can just relax and enjoy the holiday season, we are suppose to get some snow brrr its cold out
    so I'm snuggled in for the day going to do my Christmas cards and a few chores, Hope your not to
    busy these days, sending love across the pond... Manzy


    n3oj/z3/J/j/h/e/a.baa-.gif So did you go to the mall? I haven't been there yet, but may go to JCP Weds. or Thurs. If there is going to be anything under the tree this year, I'm going to have to pop that virgin credit card's cherry. :hehehaha:
    Hey Squirt!
    Thanks for being my friend here! Sorry I haven't been
    around for a long time... I've been busy with my artwork and
    deviantART, and below is my latest creation, "A Rose For You". I hope you like it!
    Oh, and, I have a Facebook fan page too! If you'd like to see
    it and all my works and "Like" it, it's here ---> http://www.facebook.com/WalkinTALLER

    Take care,

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