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    What a beautiful "hug" tag... may I ? lol Actually I already did cuz I know the answer. :giggles: Very true about how the community comes together in times like these,
    that's the best part about it. And of course, "things" can always be replaced, but the peeps
    I had a pretty good day, slept till almost 3. lol Then we went to a place that specializes
    in Philly cheese steaks, and they were pretty good ! Watched my fav. show (BigBang Theory)
    and it was a new one, so I was estatic. Will be here for a while, glad to see you here, at
    least for a little more.
    LYMED !
    I am so glad you had a good day,for some reason that gut feeling hit me again today.*LOL* glad you got somemore rain ,hope you get poured on tonight while your having sweet dreams.*LOL* well I did alittle but thats ok !! Big warm Mom hugs *HUGS* Mom I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Pops: waving hello. Hugs n Love *HUGS* Pops
    Good evening Mom's Little Squirty !! Hope your day has been great N evening better !! it was a lovely day here again, we were watching all the pictures on the news with the damage you all had,they said that you had 12 tornando's,my goodness like one isn't enough..sure hope you all never see another one..sure hope you get the rain that you need. as for the hearing the ball game during play off,who knows you know me I am special that way.*LMBO* Big warm Mom Hugs *HUGS* Mom I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo N always will forever n ever
    Pops: howdy Pops little Squeaky girl ! hugs N Love *HUGS* Pops
    I got complimented on my call quality today =, only two days into taking live calls...:D by one of our trainers!!! She called me out in the hallway in front of everyone and said that she was very shocked and surprised that I sounded like I was not nervous at all and that I acted like I have been doing this for years and knew exactly what I was doing!! I felt a little embarrassed because I was grinning from ear to ear and sooooo happy!!!!
    That is a miracle ! I heard that as many as 12 came through. Alot of the footage I saw on TV showed some pretty huge houses that got hit. I'm so happy you didn't
    get one at your house.
    I may just see ya laters !


    was watching live trailers fly over the skies of Dallas.. that was some twisters tearing through your town.. was thinking of you and saw no mention of your part of the town in the news.. and hoped it would stay way.. gald u were untouched.. stay safe.. muaaaah.. love u
    yep,we still bowled babe,it just bounced offa my thick head!...an we won!....saw the storms in Dallas,wow....:frownupsidedown:
    And I'll take lotsa both

    See yer up early dealing with the beggars, hunh?!
    so cold last nite babe...we had a shower of hailstones!!:wheee:

    Just missed you again...lol We've gotta stop meeting like this ! I just saw the picture you posted in "favorite things" of Debbie's pic, WOW... I know you love it, but had no idea it was your favorite.. :lotsalove:
    Knowing how many pictures you have.... leaves me speachless.
    :kisses: :kisses:
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