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    I can't believe ! ...

    I can't believe it doesn't take effect until the10th, but it's a start lol
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    what do you believe?

    I believe it's Wednesday, and it was a pretty nice day! I believe it still wasn't warm enough, but ... lol I believe tomorrow is the last day of this chemo round I believe they'll unplug from the chemo port, and I get a shower! lol I believe I was feeling pretty wella couple of days ago...
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    what do you believe?

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    Express Yourself

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    Kippers ~ Charlie Brown Thread

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    Picture of number!

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    ABCs in Pictures

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    The liars club...

    I gave away all my cats!
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    2 letter fun phrases....

    don't know! H C
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    A - W School terms

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    Abc Colors

    emerald green