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    I can't believe ! ...

    I can't believe it looks like we're going to get a lot of tomatoes from this one plant, it's becoming a bush! lol I can't believe it stopped raining JUST before time to put the steaks on the grill I can't believe it's cool enough here to light the fireplace, so I did! lol
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    what do you believe?

    I believe it's Monday, it's Memorial Day in the USA, and it rained ALL day! I believe I didn't sleep in cuz I wanted to get up and enjoy the holiday, I shoulda' stayed in bed lol I believe we got our steaks anyway! I believe last night was pretty quiet, just as I'd hoped lol I believe the...
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    what do you believe?

    I believe some guys are getting 2 of these HUGE briskets, and I wonder how many people they're feeding?! lol I believe some are so big and heavy, I I can't even pick them up! I believe your friend puts one in a smoker for a day or 3, that's what most folks seem to do with them I believe we...
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    In Loving Memory ♥

    my Queen, I've looked and looked and I don't see how he died, do you know?
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    Pick a song!!

    lmao ... bravo, bravo! lol
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    konifurs supermarket

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    konifurs supermarket