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    what do you believe?

    I believe it's Thursday, and I'm looking at 10 glorious no Kroger days! lol I believe I'll be ready to go back lol I believe I'm just about ready to roll, just load up the Durango, shower, and go! I believe the weather is going to be just perfect all weekend, here and there I believe I'll...
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    what do you believe?

    I believe I'm thinking what a wonderful world as I read that tag I believe it sounds horrible at first, but research shows us it's not that scary, it's a treatable disease I believe I'm glad Rich made a full recovery! I believe my body generally responds as it should, so the outlook is good...
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    what do you believe?

    I believe that is sooooooooo appreciated, thank you! YOU continue to get well, k?
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    Express Yourself

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    The Roo Library

    now they lock when they've gone through the store, but not through a register I cannot tell you how freakin' funny it is when a shoplifter hits that door and the wheels on the cart lock one guy nearly went over the top! lmao
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    konifurs supermarket

    works for me lol
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    The Challenges

    I leave for Oklahoma in the morning, going to my sister's my great grandson turned 1 today, and his birthday party is on Saturday then I'll be home Sunday, but prolly won't make it here until Monday then I leave Tuesday for 2 nights with my daughter at the farm, back Thursday that's very much...
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    Manzy's Magic

    this is so lovely, and a bit like I'm feelin' lol may I please have one?
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    The head thread come on in & take your head off

    I can't answer that question for Laila, but I did want to mention to you that if you would like to learn how to create, we can help!
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    The Challenges

    tomorrow is Friday Free Day, and I leave in the morning if anyone would like to post a tube, please help yourself and if not, that's ok too! lol I love you all, and I'll see ya in a couple of days
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    The Challenges

    always!!! I do, if that counts for anything? lol great job on them BOTH, Laila!!! and tyvm ♥
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    The Challenges

    this stopped me in my tracks ~ it's truly lovely! yep, feelin' pretty lucky! lol I see your love all over the place, making it a wonderful world great job on them ALL, Manzy!!! and tyvm ♥