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  • Did you get my email or do I have the wrong addy?? *LOL* leaving lots of silly little bit hugs *HUGS* Diana Love you my sweet blushing friend..

    Just a quick stop to wish my sweet blushing friend a Happy Birthday !! I hope you have a great day & get all you wish for.. silly little Bit hugs *HUGS* Diana Love you.
    Pops: Happy birthday tokenthree !! Pops
    Hello there my sweet blushing friend !! your welcome !! well that's the Easter bunny's job.I think he plans on filling them realllllllllllllllllllllll soon. *LOL* leaving you silly Little Bit hugs *HUGS* Diana Love you

    so glad to hear your ok .. know what you mean Pops is like that too,sometimes he drives me crazy cause he will get mad N start yelling at me saying he never said or did this or that. his hearing is also real bad. he sleeps most of the time its just so heartbreaking to watch when a family member goes through this chit. so my heart goes out to you.. ya they sent him to a eye specialist outside if VA they said that he was 95% blind in right eye n left wasnt to far from that set up for surgery N was waiting for VA to send them approval when I didnt hear anything I called the eye doc n they said they were waiitng n I should call VA which I did about 20 times since last yr. no word . so I am sure his Va Doc is going to hit the roof.. its a shame... *HUGS*
    I am N so glad i am, I get to see my sweet blushing friend that I sooooo adore *LOL* I was afraid as you never answered my emails ..sure you haven't been ill in anyway?? How is your mom doing?? sending prayers N hugs to her..hope you are getting some rest too.. I sure know the feeling have been really busy with stuff here as well.Pops is almost total blind would you believe we have been waiting since last may for VA to get back with us on his surgery . well he has a doc appt with his VA doc in a week so will ask him face to face whats with that chit..Pops said hello there tokenthree.hehehehe big Little Bit hugs *HUGS* Diana Love you
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