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  • even long time members are having trouble with avatars, I think it might be broken, hoping it gets fixed in the next upgrade
    I know you want to do it yourself, I did and still do, but for now, it might be best to let a mod put the avatar (and animated profile image) in for you
    we can get around the size restrictions where ya'll can't
    May I interfere?? :meme:
    If not.....I will do anyway. :teeth:
    Maybe you can try to change your avatar and profile picture on the front page.....
    I have noticed that all changes can only be made on the front page....in your profile settings
    Your talking to yourself m'dear. Don't worry, we all did early in our membership; it's best to hit "view conversation" before typing a reply. Who were you trying to converse with?
    Although I got an uploader error when I changed my profile pic, the message was spurious: my profile picture had changed.
    Hello! it's so nice to meet you! :bigsmile:
    the problem with animated profile pics and avatars is that they're usually too big in bytes for the avatar and profile pic uploaders
    and they usually get (auto) resized because of it, which loses the animation
    Bamber is right about size restrictions, we have them lol
    the best thing to do with animated profile pics and avatars is to give them to a mod to add for you
    I think Kipper put Aladdin's in for him, I'm not sure, he may have gotten it small enough on his own
    I'd be happy to add them for you, do you know how to upload yet? with maybe tinypic or Photobucket?
    if you can post them in my profile, I can get them added
    again, it's very nice to meet you, Welcome to the Roo! :flowerforyou:
    OK. I just tried changing my profile picture and was getting an error. I'll report it to admin (who apparently spend 51 weeks a year on holiday).

    You could try asking 01Aladdin, as he recently changed his avatar. Sorry not to be much help, but it's something I have only done once so am as much in the dark as you.
    Others have animated gifs, so it must be possible.

    Squirt is the expert on this sort of thing, I'll try and point her your way.
    Welcome to the Roo. :wave:
    If you have any questions feel free to ask. :teeth:
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