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    Abortions Banned Whats Your Take On This

    we take our dogs and cats to the vet and get them 'fixed' to prevent that. we don't do that to people. that would be wrong(whatever) - yet i have seen people aprove women that choose to have babies,and when they are taken away from these women because they have no business raising a goldfish. do...
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    Scottish Santa!

    very cute,in a disturbing way
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    Naughty Quotes

    was that a quote from elenor rosevelt?
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    Can you guess the Christmas songs?

    very cute- i got too many of these. i think i need to see a shrink now.
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    My First Creation!

    Very Cute Sd! I Wish I Was As Smart As Ken And Mike With This Stuff!
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    Jokaroo's day out

    how cute! i need that sign in my driveway,i have to many nut using it.
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    ok cupid! slut test

    60 for me.....hmmmm...must of forgot some stuff......
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    Hi Gang!

    thanks all! this week everyone came down with a tummy virus here (except me,lol,i had the flu shot) so i have been running around doing stuff. my boss is talking about opening up an other office(making 4) yet i don't have employees for 2!!! he is killing me! i have to train these people! by...
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    TITS N PUSSY !!! To hell with google.........

    pushing the limits???? boy,things have changed if he thinks that!
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    Its called bartering...

    i already have
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    Madonna's Puppy

    awwwww how cute....and slightly disturbing
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    Hi Gang!

    thanks rich and donna! i'm trying!!!
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    Whooo Hoooo Sex for Brains King Homie breaks 3,000 post

    you should sweety. but pop in once in a while! congrats !!!! (maybe get a laptop????)
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    Its called bartering...

    but ken,the smell of furiture polish is such a turn on ! but only if it's on you not
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    Hi Gang!

    ty laura