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    Where are ALL the Deadheads Fans?!

    Still one of my favorite threads... Glad to see you're all right where I left you, lol. <huge hugs>
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    Checking up on you old friend... Peace, love, and prayers.

    Checking up on you old friend... Peace, love, and prayers.
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    Foreign Visitors

    We see a lot of South Africans here for Harvest. They all seem to be very shy. Not at all like the Aussies and the New Zealanders who seem to take over the town with their good natured loudness.
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    Why Don't Women Dress Like This Any More?

    Well, I don't dress like that because... It would take an act of God to get my boobs that high these days, lol.
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    Aunt Sweetpea died this morning.

    I'm glad to hear everything went well; all things considered. I also might have been able to make Dallas with a little notice. Maybe me and Squirt could take a road trip out to California one of these days. For me it's long over due.
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    The Amorous Adventures of Marky and the Pea

    I'm here! I'm here! I shoulda told you that one on the phone the other day... (fiercely blushing emoticon) Nobody else would understand, lol.
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    Redneck Olympics ...

    Out here the kids get in trouble for playing "how fast can the cows run." lol Just yesterday in the rain my brother, who works for the city had to go pull some kids in a pickup out of the mud for it, lol. I guess it's a $50 ticket too.
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    Only in America

    My dad has a t-shirt that says, "ATF should be a convenience store; not a government agency."
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    My wife she is a hooker

    Hmm... Man, that has been a while. lol
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    My wife she is a hooker

    I haven't gotten anything from them in a long time and I tried to get them to answer also. I was thinking they disappeared a long time before the rule problems. Seems like... something with their farm and they just never came back? (Far as I knew anyways.)
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    My wife she is a hooker

    lol I remember they disappeared suddenly. Anybody know what ever happened to them?
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    My wife she is a hooker

    Aww... I miss CJnDee.
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    Our Sexy King need all of our help

    I was just going through my bulletins on MySpace and found this. It was posted on the twenty second. I guess I missed it before. Hi everyone! I am Rich's daughter...I just wanted to update you on his condition...he had surgery last Thursday to remove the cancer from his lung. He is at home...
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    Aunt Sweetpea died this morning.

    Sounds like maybe it was just her time. I was worried about the prescription thing; that maybe it was an accidental. I hope this brings you some peace Marky...
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    The Amorous Adventures of Marky and the Pea

    lol I love it... Thanks!!! I really wish I'd gotten to meet you and Debbie that year at the Roovention. I still have never made one or a Tooner's either. I am also very sorry that I haven't been around much (anywhere) in the last year or so. I've missed my friends and I regret losing that...