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    YouTube videos

    Lol ahhahah New week fails are here must watch
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    YouTube videos

    New WTF compialtion with some weird videos:goodcoffee:
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    YouTube videos

    Some of the hilarious and funny fails of last week of august :sete:
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    new funny video 2016 LOL :))

    Lol nice video :cheersbud:
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    Reallife Mermaid

    Looks really amazing bro, very beautiful :bravo:
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    I understand bro, No problem at all

    I understand bro, No problem at all
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    Yo Guys

    Thank you guys :clapanddance:
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    Face Painting

    Awesome pictures bro
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    Yo Guys

    Hey Friends how are you? Just came across this forum few days ago, so by now i think i know almost all the rules this forum follows and i must admit that layout and features is awesome and users are decent though i haven't met many. so Is there anything else i need to know about forum?, i...
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    YouTube videos
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    The mysterious deep

    wow such beautiful creatures, But some are damn scary
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    YouTube videos

    Look around 1:30 hahhahahahah