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    Bricklayer's Accident Report.

    I saw this way back in '99 and, just like you, I still laugh at it. Awesome post!! :D
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    So it's International Women's Day?

    10 minutes!?!?!? Next you'll be asking for us to let you finish first for a change!
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    Wishing Every Female Member A VERY HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY

    A little late to the party but here ...
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    So it's International Women's Day?

    Does this mean we give them half hour out of the kitchen or a full hour? I'm never sure. ;)
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    Is it wrong that I'm a little disappointed there was no picture of a donkey in here?
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    These make me feel old.

    Thanks for that. Now I feel like having a Horlicks and a nap.
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    Groaner thread (please add)

    Apologies if it's been done already! (I did search but didn't find anything!) A guy staggers out of a pub drunk out of his skull. He spies a nun walking along the road toward him. With a snarl he leaps at her, punching her in the face. She goes down like a sack of bricks, completely shocked...
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    True or False

    False I guess seeing as I am new! But true in time, I hope. TPBM wants to make me a coffee.
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    n00b alert

    Thanks for the warm welcome. :D Do I have a sense of humour? Yes, very much so. Sometimes a little sick but meh, it still counts! Am I shy? Depends what you want!!
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    n00b alert

    Thanks for the welcome. I'll be sure to keep some antiseptic cream handy for the bites.
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    n00b alert

    I've been looking for a forum to hang around in since my last haunt became a ghost town. You guys seem pretty cool, I may lurk around a while and see if I could fit in. Anything else I should add? Any questions for me?