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    Read Now, No Porn Allowed

    I am very new here, so I want to ask a question, or two before I start posting topics. Many boards/blogs have different rules on their restrictions. So, what it is I'm getting at, what is considered porn here? I've seen many funny (and many not so funny) completely nude cartoons...
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    How sexy are you?

    Congratulations, You are 96% sexy "Wow! Is it hot in here or is it you? You are Sexy with a capital S E X Y! You should drop us an email we always want to hear from people like you;)" yeah baby!
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    Found The car...Now What?

    LMAO. Those guys won't be going anywhere for awhile!
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    a date that went bad in bed

    That's when you say, "OMG I just started my period! I gotta go!" LOL
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    Best Positions In Bed

    :cheesy: awwww!! TOO CUTE!