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    PSP and Windows Vista-Anyone have issues?

    Was just wondering if anyone else has put PSP 9 and/or Animationshop 3 into a pc with Windows Vista.....And if you had any trouble or issues....I would appreciate any input... Thanks so much in advance......:D
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    Explorer 7 beta 2 fixed my uploader problem!

    There were some ppl talking on another group page about Internet Explorer 7 (the new one) so I went to the microsoft home page to check it out.....Decided to at least try it, it is still in beta after all. Went ahead and downloaded it. I can now upload pics to file cabin with explorer again! :D...
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    ***NEW***FREE PSP 10 And Extras

    This is an old post.... The serial code has probably changed by now, if it come thru one of my groups again, I will repost a link.... I was just told this is still can try it, this is the serial code I have saved in my files, and I just installed the PSPx with this code and it...
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    *****NEW*****Free PSP 10 And Extras

    Checked it out myself....Link is good as of 3 seconds ago. The extras are to use in PSP X not sure what they are yet, I am downloading as I type, dial up ya know? :crazy: Here it is if you want it! These are the "EXTRA'S" for PSP 10 paintshop pro 10 all the extras...
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    How do you remove pics from the gallery?

    This refers to the "Gallery" that is accessible by clicking the at the top of your screen..... This is in no way related to Sewnutz ROOgues Gallery posted in Society..... Please, there is NOTHING wrong with Sewnutz's Gallery!!!! After another member pointed it out to me, what is being...
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    Are There Any Other Uploaders To Use??????

    Let me start by saying, I am sorry if this sounds a bit "pissy" but I am very irritated! I have been fighting with the filecabin uploader in one way or another for 2 days....yesterday it would upload 5 or 6 of the 10 pics I was wanting to upload but not the others, so I would start over again...
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    Starbucks and the Marines

    Seems to me this has been posted somewhere before, but I couldnt find it.....Got it in my email today.....I think it sucks!!!! Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some of it to the...
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    WTH, why is this?

    Ok, I have noticed recently that threads seem to get mysteriously bumped, by non posting ghosts :lookaroun Anyone got any ideas why old threads will pop up, saying they have new posts, when indeed they dont?:D See here, in the front page of the talk to the team section, it says the POD...
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    Turn off sig ads completely!

    I have turned my sig completely off! I will be posting my sig in every post......If you wanna join the protest this is how I am doing it..... I deleted my whole sig! I made sure I had the addy for each pic saved in notepad (siggy addys) then when I am done typing what I will post, I copy and...
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    Stupid Question

    Ok, I feel really stupid having to ask this, but here goes...... I just bought a brand new computer, not that anything was wrong with the old one, just this one is faster, holds more, and is actually smaller than the old one! lol I have alot of programs on the old one, and the question is, how...
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    Free PSP9 and Animationshop! NEW LINK!

    Sorry, the link is dead now.....
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    Rainy's Challenge

    Ok, I have a challenge for everyone..... I want to see your projects to pay tribute to firefighters....can be your local firefighters, can be New York firefighters.....Just lets see what you got! Here is a link to a site that has "firefighter" tubes...
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    I am freaking out.....

    OK when I come to Jokaroo, the first thing I do is go to the links thing at the top, down to profile, then on the bottom, I click find all posts made by me, then I use those to find where I have posted, so I dont miss any posts after me. Well tonite I came in and did my usual except that when it...
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    cant get into a thread

    I have had this happen before, but never asked about it..... There have been times that when I try to open a thread, it will immediately shut explorer down. Most of the threads it happens with, I still cant get into. This morning it is doing it with what I can only assume is a congrats thread...
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    The Take the ROO Back Bus! 2

    The original thread was started on January 21, 2005. Since then it has grown to almost 20,000 posts, it started as a way to bring something positive to the ROO. It did do that, but beyond that it brought so many ppl together in real life, real friendships that will never end. The ROO is having...
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    The 7 dwarfs of menopause!

    Too Funny Not to Post for us poor ROO Gals!
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    How to get more out of and into your sig.

    We are going to have to resize our pics anyway, because Image shack is not letting us use the big ones anymore. I am using it works well and it is free, just like the stuff I am about to post about. Directions to fit large amounts of pics in your signature on the ROO. <O:p</O:p...
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    What is jookaroo?

    Ok when I get to the Jokaroo front page and click forums on the left like I always have, it takes me to I dont know what it is but it looks like some kind of advertisement to me. I can get in if I click forums on the top. I just thought I would let you know something...
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    I need a little bit of help, please?

    Ok, I would like to make these 2 pics into one pic. Is it possible? I dont have any real programs to fix up .gifs like that. Just so they are like they are now would be good, the bus on top the banner below the bus. Thanks in advance if anyone can do it or tell me how to do it!
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    Clock in new forum is way off time!

    Ok, in the new forums, the clock is even more whacked than in the rest of the ROO! I posted just this minute 2:29am and it said I posted at 7 lol not sure if it was am or pm. but my times are always an hour and 13 minute different than what the ROO says it is. I have tried to reset the thing...