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    Bad Luck To See The Bride

    I can remember there being a saying about the Groom seeing the Bride before the wedding being a Faux-Pas, but what is it? When does it start / take affect? Here are some things I've heard -The Groom cannot see the Bride before the wedding -The Groom cannot see the bride the night before the...
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    I Remember When.............

    I remember when you didn't have to lock your house doors. I remember when you could buy a coke a bag of chips and some candies with a couple bucks and still have change left over.
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    ABC ...Compound Words

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    The ABC minge game.

    y for younger
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    Just A Wtf........ (please add!)

    I think the baby was thinking more along the lines of "HEY your ruining the milk supply :butbut:"
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    Tube Challenge Thread~~Let's have Fun

    Feisty long time no see :colgate: Thank you, It's great to see your still around these parts too. :colgate:
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    Puter Problems!!:sigh:

    Indeed, a long way from one of my first computers, a Commodore Amiga 500 Which had no hard drive, had to use a disk to boot everything (Amiga Kick Start I believe it was called.) A mouse like a brick and text based games. ahhh the nostalgia. :colgate: Found A pic
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    Puter Problems!!:sigh:

    Well, we would both sign into MSN messenger and start a chat with each other. She would then click on "Actions" then "Request remote assistance..." A new window would open,I would click a button in that window asking to take shared control of your mouse pointer. ( if agreed to) I would then...
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    Puter Problems!!:sigh:

    a torrent is just a file that points in the direction of where the file(s) actually are so your computer can download it, if any computer is "seeding"/sharing that torrent your computer can then locate it and down load it from them.
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    Puter Problems!!:sigh:

    Heh, I use to help fix my mothers computer issues through MSN messenger. We would go online, she'd send me a "request" I accept, it'd do it's thing. I'd then be able to see her desktop as if I were sitting in front of it. Then through sharing control of her computer, I'd fix her computer...
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    Puter Problems!!:sigh:

    Yeah, Torrents can take quite some time to download at times. I usually get most of my big files using Rapidshare (or similar), I had gotten 5 files each about 1-2 gigs in size, in less than an hour on High speed internet before.
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    Jokaroo Funtivia tournament

    Player 7. sabersurfer Award+ 4 pts Correct 7 Seconds 140 Score 560
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    Puter Problems!!:sigh:

    Ok, to continue with what kipper was saying... if it doesn't show up when you go "open with" click on "choose program" Scroll to and click on "realplayer" Then Click "OK"
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    Puter Problems!!:sigh:

    What is the actual file name including extension eg: awesome_movie.avi It could be a partial - corrupt file. I use VLC media player for most of all my movies/medias except for music. seems to have less codec problems for me.
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    beautiful tubes

    Thanks Mags Awesome site :inlove:
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    Music of the heart

    Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Coming Home
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    Tube Challenge Thread~~Let's have Fun

    Thank you very much ladies :D
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    All three of Charley's Angels

    Run Charlie Run
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    Must've been the last update. Just popping by to say HI. :D [IMG] [IMG]

    Must've been the last update. Just popping by to say HI. :D [IMG] [IMG]
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    Tube Challenge Thread~~Let's have Fun

    Haven't done anything like this for some time now. Here's a simple one for my first here :thumbs-up