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    What is something that you will consistently buy that you could easily make at home?

    Mine is coffee. Also deli sandwiches. So wasteful.
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    William Shatner Hit With $170 Million Paternity Lawsuit

    William Shatner Hit With $170 Million Paternity Lawsuit - ABC News I mean how many of these were intergalactic paternity matters? (let the Cpt. Kirk jokes fly)
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    Polictial Quotes

    Seems appropriate: "We live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups. I ask, in my writing, 'What is real?' Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo realities manufactured by very...
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    Best Television Show in the Last Five Years?

    Could be ongoing or have recently ended. It was tough choice for me, but I have to go Mad Men. I loved the writing, the character development, and the set design (and the clothes, god I wish that style would come back full force without being resigned to dress-up). It had such a great narrative...
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    Microsoft grounds its AI chat bot after it learns racism It took all of 24 hours for the internet to corrupt AI.
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    Scientists spot blazing X-ray 'northern lights' on Jupiter

    Scientists spot blazing X-ray 'northern lights' on Jupiter -
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    Who was the Worst President of Your Lifetime?

    Answers may vary. But (so far) I have to give it to George W. Bush. The war in Iraq which is at least 2 trillion dollars, the secret energy meeting, the wasted good will, etc.
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    Binge-worthy Netflix Titles?

    Any suggestions? I got hooked on The Killing, but it is really starting to drag. I've already watched Weeds and Mad Men ( I love that show so very much).
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Just send a little love and luck to all the forums members. Hope you have a happy (and not to hangover ridden day) Back to work . . . sigh. (Counting down the hours. At least they are having lunch catered)
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    How much do you tip your hairstylists?

    Is there a standard tip amount or does it parallel tipping at restaurants? Anybody know?
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    Bachelor vs Bachelorette

    Don't lie, I know some of you watch this. I personally like the Bachelor better for entertainment purposes.
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    Prettiest Drive?

    In September I took a short road trip to Big Sur, and the drive up the coasts was amazing. There was the occasional fear for my life as the Pacific was just a long drop off the side of the cliff, but I just found it magical. Anyone else have a scenic drive worth sharing?
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    What herbs (for cooking) are easy to grow and maintain

    I have a black thumb, and so far the only herb I can keep alive is my Rosemary plant (which is thriving despite myself). Are there any herbs that are easy to keep going? thanks!
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    Do we still need the Electoral College?

    Don't you think the popular vote should be all there is? I think people would feel their vote actually counted if it wasn't trumped by the electoral college.
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    Top 3 Cereals

    If you could only pick 3 (and no you don't need to be concerned with the health benefits, but if that is your thinbg. I'm a totak 5 year old when it comes to it so (in no order): 1. Cap'n Crunch-and no it doesn't cut the roof of my mouth 2. Wheaties-I know but I like them. 3. Golden Grahams-but...
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    Trump or Clinton?

    If it was going to end today, these would probably be the candidates for both parties. So, who would you vote for? I would have to go for Clinton, even though the country would not be as entertaining (but most likely saner)
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    I'm getting Yoaged out

    I still like it, but I have friends that have replaced Yoga with religion, and god forbid I skip a few days. I guess I just can't get behind the spirituality of stretching.
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    When he is a little too supportive of you working out

    Not like he is saying anything wrong, but I swear now that I am on this work out kick he is almost too supportive of it. Which makes me feel like I was just a heifer before. Maybe I should do the same when he drinks a beer, "Oh, babe, nice choice on pale ale, way less calories than that lager."
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    Will Universal Healtcare Ever Really Happen in the U.S.?

    I have a couple friends that are nurses and we begin talking politics, mostly Hillary vs. Bernie, and to my surprise both nurses were against universal healthcare and think it is more of an issue of healthcare costs. It's anecdotal, I know, but will the U.S. as whole ever really accept the idea?
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    Republican Debates: Fodder for Comedy

    The debates are crazy enough, but I really can't sop laughing at these types of videos. Poor Jeb!