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    odds and ends ...

  2. brilor

    odds and ends ...

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    Comic of the Day (Cartoon)

  4. brilor

    Comic of the Day (Cartoon)

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    Funny signs.

  6. brilor

    Funny signs.

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    Brand new breaking news.

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    odds and ends ...

  9. brilor

    odds and ends ...

  10. brilor

    odds and ends ...

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    Let Them Eat Cake

    They were going to be lighthouses!
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    ABC Cities

    Rochdale Eng.
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    Lets play a word game.

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    True or False

    False TPBM is self isolating
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    The What if game

    I'd kip on the floor. What if you were locked in a toy shop overnight?
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    Lifetime supply

    Wallpaper paste
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    Shamelessly Admitting...

    I shamelessly admit I wish my wife could go back to the office. More for her sanity than men.
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    How often do you?????

    Every day just now.
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    ABC ...Compound Words

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    Birds from A to Z

    Hen Harrier