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  1. Bamber

    What is it? #551

    Up to roughly 2 inches, 5 cm on the longer side what are these items?
  2. Bamber

    What is it? #550

    These all have the same function and all fit comfortably in the hand. What are they?
  3. Bamber

    Kryten has a birthday today 🥳

    I hope you have a wonderful Birthday.
  4. Bamber

    What is it? #549

    Roughly 24 inches, 60 cm long, 3 examples. What is their function?
  5. Bamber

    From the planet Mars

  6. Bamber

    What is it? #548

    I hope I've not used this before. Roughly 7cm square (2¾ in) what is the function of this precision made tool? It shared its name with something to do with cycling but in a way was intended to do the exact opposite of that thing.
  7. Bamber

    ❗❗ .gifs not displaying ❗❗

    I've been experimenting with posting of .gif animations as so many will not display in Jokeroo. It seems that the maximum size is less that 5MB: any .gif larger than that will show a red X in the post, even though the full .gif will be visible when editing and creating a post. I suggest...
  8. Bamber

    Sand art talent

  9. Bamber

    What is it #547

    A photo and part of the patent application. What is the function of this machine? (20 cm is roughly 8 inches)
  10. Bamber

    The future

    Here's how you could be making your artwork soon...
  11. Bamber

    Today is Dreamer's Birthday 🎂

    An enthusiastic to a Jokeroo enthusiast May your day be full of joy and fun
  12. Bamber

    What is it? #546

    Two different designs, roughly 75 cm, 30 inches across. What is their function?
  13. Bamber

    Did you call an Uber?

  14. Bamber

    What is it? #545

    Yes, a wooden spade and fork, roughly 4 ft, 120 cm long They are for use in a particular process. Tell me either the name of that process or the main industry that uses it.
  15. Bamber

    What is it? #544

    Roughly 3-5 inches, 8-13 centimetres tall, four examples of...?
  16. Bamber

    What is it? #543

    Roughly 12 inches, 30 cm across, three examples of... what?
  17. Bamber

    Working with animals

  18. Bamber

    What is it? #542

    What would be the profession of the person for whom this tool kit was put together?
  19. Bamber

    What it is? #541

    Roughly 6 inches, 15 cm across what are these wall mounted items?