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    Dog names WITH the letter "A"

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    Ronald Reagan said...

    After he had been shot, President Reagan was giving a speech when a balloon popped.
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    The Wonky Donkey

    A home video of a Scottish grandmother’s uncontrollable giggles while reading The Wonky Donkey picture book to her baby grandson have sent book lovers around the world rushing to get their hands on a copy, with publishers left scrambling to meet demand. A few words of advice...Go to the bathroom...
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    Something to Ponder

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    LOVE! (Harvey Style)

    There is so much written about hate, cruelty, and dissension all over the world that I wanted to mention there IS another side. I spent most of Friday searching for info about hurricane Harvey, making sure my daughter living in San Antonio would be safe, then got caught up in watching the...
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    Chips...But No Dip

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    Please watch!!!

    Everyone should see this!
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    Baby (Giraffe) Watch

    When a pregnant giraffe named April did not have her calf on April 1st, as predicted, many news sources laughed and said April played an April Fools joke. Of course, I had to click the link to April's site to learn more, and now I can't leave. lol (Sorry I've been making fun of folks addicted...
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    The Weather Report

    I know...everyone talks about the weather whenever they have nothing else to talk that is what I want to do. (Hey...It is the most exciting thing in my life at the moment. lol) I'm still not sure about "global warming", but it DOES seem that many people are experiencing weather...
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    Mr. President...Donald Trump

    Whether you are for him or against him, folks seem to have strong opinions. So far, I keep seeing things in the "funny" threads and thought we should have a place where we can have our serious discussions. Don't worry...he seems to be very colorful and I'm sure the joke threads will continue...
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    Christmas Around The World

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    Fun For The Ladies
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    The Clown Solution
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    ABCs in Pictures

    I didn't think we had enough ABC lets do it in pictures. lol
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    Carnival 2016

    Last week the fire department had their annual carnival and while the first two days were very hot, the last two were perfect. Here are some of the highlights from this year: The winners of the kiddy parade (the two smallest ones are my youngest grandkids with their cousin) were: The Three...
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    Think Pink

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    Brave New World

    I am no longer an XP user and I am scared! lol I am now the proud (I THINK!) owner of a brand new computer with Win10. Do I know what I am doing? Hell no! I will try to spend time here, just to get used to things...but if you don't hear from me for a while, know that I'm probably sitting in...
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    A Happy Pig

    Did you ever tell your kids they ate like little pigs? If so, you might want to re-think that remark.
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    Fungus Among Us

    Here's a place for all the mushrooms, toadstools, lichens and other weird plant life.
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    Fairy Gardens

    I have always been enchanted with fairy gardens, but never had one because it is quite difficult to get the scale correct and to display it in a way to show it off.