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    Bamber also known as Phil Gayton starred in this 1970 British comedy
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    She is from the north

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    Happy Birthday Furface.

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    Koni`s little quiz.

    Husband Divorces His Wife After Looking Closer At Photo He Took Of Her Can you see why?
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    Best ACDC impression ever

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    Great sun tans

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    Shopping in lidl

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    Bad-ass pigeons

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    Do you or your partner have problems with loud snoring? If so what did you do about it. What methods did you use to try to stop it? I do and it affects my poor long suffering wife Anne. She says sometimes it`s so loud she thinks the neighbors can hear it and has to wake me up. My snoring is...
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    Welcome to my Bright And Not So Bright And Proud Of It Clubhouse. This club house is open to all Roo members. Where we all meet up and play games and go on day trips and do stuff. Thanks for Steven T for building this club house out of Lego. First thing first since i`m El Presidente i get to...
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    Food vs packaging

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    The kidnapping of Bamber

    After a lot of advertising my clubhouse for the NSBAPOI Club no one comes apart from the El vice Presidenti Squirt. So i have kidnapped your beloved Wizard Bamber. I have him tied up in the clubhouse cellar but i`m not going to tell you where i have put him. I am not going to release him...
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    Banning Sleeping Beauty

    A mother has demanded her six-year-old son's school bans Sleeping Beauty because the princess gives no consent to be kissed. Sarah Hall, from Northumberland Park, North Shields, claimed the fairytale promotes an 'inappropriate sexual' message to young children. No i`m not making this up...
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    The singing dentist does Thriller

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    Most embarrassing thing you've ever done in a public place?

    Most embarrassing thing you've ever done in a public place? Have you..... Stood in a queue and coughed and projected a bit of phlegm on the dress of the woman standing in front of you? I have. How about,pumping in a lift full of people and followed through? I have.(Although i was only a kid...
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    Bad designs.