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    Kids TV in Australia

    Agro's cartoon Connection was what was on offer in the 90's around these here parts. I recall watching with glee every morning before heading off to work - the Smurfs was the last cartoon usually. Agro and Ann Maree were hysterically funny as a rule but the following video (some of which i can...
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    The End of the World - is it nigh?

    I used to be friends across the web with a Jewish woman who was adamant that the Lord was coming 21/12/12 (or whatever it was) to rapture the good ones and slaughter everyone else horribly. She would preach and wail and bemoan anyone who wasn't "right with the Lord" because the date had been set...
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    Baltimore burns: black vs white... again...

    Baltimore protests turn violent; police injured - Seriously, is it a black vs white racial war over in the US? I have zero experience of such racial problems but even if i did, what point is there in burning down your own neighbourhoods? Are the african-americans (never will...
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    Intersection of perfect traffic

    And you thought such an intersection didnt exist:
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    Questionable arrest

    A woman filling her car with gas accidently spilt gas on her sleeve as she removed the nozzle. She used service towels to clean up and then left. As she sped down I-35, she sat back and lit a cigarette. Unfortunately, that poor decision resulted in her whole sleeve catching fire. She quickly...
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    makin doves, outta nuthin at alllllll
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    Relaxation Therapy with an old Dr Who favourite

    Dalek Relaxation Tape on
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    I wish to pose some questions about sports. 1. Why are sports people "heros"? I thought a hero was someone who saved another's life through bravery. 2. Why are so many sports "heros" on drugs? I thought true sportsmen didn't cheat. 3. Why are so many sports heros bashing women? Wtf is that...
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    The Disney Periodic Table

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    So many memories!
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    Gather your mates for a guiness
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    Emi Made me cry.
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    Drunk squirrel Nature dont get funnier than this lol...
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    Phucking Mosquitoes!!

    Show your disgust at these hateful creatures here. God never made anything useless, but mosquitos come pretty damned close.
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    So... You like trains? Breathtaking.
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    Narwhals Narwhals Swimming in the Ocean

    Not since Badgers and Mushrooms, or Zombies and Virus, has there been such a catchy tune:
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    Your Child

    A little fun (sort of) to discuss: In today's self absorbed, self obsessed, camera carrying world we are seeing more and more assholes taking photos when they could - and often should - be helping. Too often we see jerks waving their cameraphones around while houses burn; after car accidents...
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    Rock paper scissors? Something different n sweet
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    The Lost Thing

    Kinda weird but i bet you watch right to the very end - and i do mean the verrrryyyyy end