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  1. gods angel

    What is your inner soul.

    What describes your soul best?
  2. gods angel

    Arella's Tags

    Please post all tags for Arella here so she can find them. She is able to save them herself. Thank you
  3. gods angel

    Arella's Penis Envy

    Someone said this should be in a thread all it's own for all of you to see. Arella's Penis Envy <center><br /> <br /> <embed src="" height="330" width="500"...
  4. gods angel

    The Roo's Posting Champs

    I have been compelled to restart this for whatever reasons. Since it is my first time at doing something like this, please forgive any omissions. If you let me know you were left out, I'll be happy to correct it. Those with 5,000 posts or more are listed with post count. Those with 4,000 post...
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    Awesome pics Add or snag as you like

  6. gods angel

    Congrats Arella on 100k

    Congratulations to our newest member of the 100,000 Club. Look for her personal interview, photo gallary and sexy nude centerfold in the new addition of the 100,000 Club Magazine. *Autographed editions on request*
  7. gods angel

    For Arella on our 21st Anniversary

  8. gods angel

    Happy Anniversary Arella

    On the 6th of March it will have been 20 years since we first started out. Our love for each other has grown strong since then and will continue to do so. I love you so very much and I always will. The Love You Have Given - A Video Romance Ecard from
  9. gods angel

    Our lovely Grouchie reaches 36,000 posts.

    Congratulations on reaching 36.000 posts.
  10. gods angel

    Cyber Sex Warnings

  11. gods angel

    Brilor reaches 12000 posts.

    Way to go Brilor. Keep us laughing.
  12. gods angel

    Smileyluvzu 3000 times

    Congratulations on reaching your 3000 posts. Thank you Jhoneycann Thank you Miss Manzy
  13. gods angel

    Happy Birthday Squirt 4/21

    Happy Birthday sweetness. Hope you day goes well and all your wishes come true.
  14. gods angel

    Handyman Mike surfs his way to 30,000.

    Surfs up Dude and congrats on reaching 30,000 posts.
  15. gods angel

    Squirt, squirts pass 70,000 posts

    Just another 30,000 to find that big 100k mark. Thank you Arella for the pic Thank you Sewnutzcl for the pic Thank you Miss Manzy for the siggie Thank you Arella for the siggie
  16. gods angel

    Mood swings

    My husband, being unhappy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring the other day so he would be able to monitor my moods. We've discovered that when I'm in a good mood, it turns green. When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a big fucking red mark on his forehead. Maybe next time...
  17. gods angel

    Tat2frk2 reaches her first 1000

    Congradulations my new friend on reaching your first 1000 posts. Hope to see you in many more of them Thank you Wiremaster.
  18. gods angel

    A little tongue for the ladies

    Click the link, then click the view spot to see clip. Enjoy
  19. gods angel

    Congradulations on 69000 post sweetness

    You'll be reaching that 100,000 mark soon enough Thank you Wiremaster Thank you Chelle Thank you Arella for the last two wonderful pics.
  20. gods angel

    After 7,000 laughs Ozzman is still going

    Thank you Wiremaster Thank you Chelle Thank you Arella for the last two wonderful pics