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    Big Three Bailout

    WASHINGTON – A bailout-weary Congress killed a $14 billion package to aid struggling U.S. automakers Thursday night after a partisan dispute over union wage cuts derailed a last-ditch effort to revive the emergency aid before year's end. Republicans, breaking sharply with President George W...
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    Sunburst/Paul's Musings

    I have a rather large stash of poems I have written I have mostly kept it hidden til I started a long process of uploading and writting here are some that span from yesterday to a Late 2007 all done by my unless otherwise To start things off "New Way Home" It has been 5 days...
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    Paul's work

    I just discovered that the adobe creative suite 3 is offered for free at my college, I have since started on some work in which I am going to experiment with making some tags. if there is something you are interested, don't hesitate, blanks are a constant with new projects :wow: :crazy...
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    Steven tries out a Yooper Bathroom!

    :hehe: :laugh: :hehe:
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    Big Gus

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    Scenery Pics North of St. Ingance

    here is a boat under the Mackinac Bridge, one of two south of St. Ignance that I am adding! :laugh:
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    Deer Depository Station

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    not going to be here for a while........

    I am going to be gone til Friday for vacation in Houghton County, Michigan. I hear the construction is bad and it will take 13 hours! :laugh: should be able to see some scenery atleast! anyways I am taking many pictures, you all have my assurance I will post them! take care...
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    ever heard of St. Ignance? or US 2?

    the Mighty Mackinac! (everyone in Michigan knows about it! :laugh: ) random island from the Mackinac US 2 Lake Michigan near the Mackinac (western area)
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    An Driver who does crazy stuff!

    There is this interesting import from Portugal I have met. Currently lives in Toronto visits the states to see my mother does crazy stuff while driving If you have ever seen people swerve to the left and right, you figure they are either drunk or trying something stupid. Well, when this...
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    Crazy stuff my dog does!

    For some reason I feel like sharing some of the dumb stuff my dog does that kills me everytime! :laugh: anyways He isn't smart. I don't need anyone to tell me that since he acts blonde most of the time! :laugh: I often try to say confusing random things to him since the look on his face...
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    before I left on vacation I really heard about this. When I got back, things were quite worse. Anyways to start this, I would like to ask " How should the issue between Georgia and Russia be resolved. Bush demands Russia remove troops from Georgia - Yahoo! News recent article that I...
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    ABC songs

    All My Life Foo Fighters
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    My gift to everyone on the Roo!

    there is plenty more of that where it came from!
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    How should the Iraq war be handled?

    There is something that I wish to start a debate about, the Iraq war. I have seen on this forum that various political issues are debated and not once have I see it here. Without further Adu, I am going to start this. Personally I was against this from the start. Bush relied on his intel...
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    Pretty Please with Ice Cream?

    YouTube - Dog with Toy
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    Wake Up

    my supposed prank on my dog....... YouTube - Wake Up
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    You Know You are Sunburstlespaulhero1989 if........

    You Know You are Sunburstlespaulhero1989 if........ you have said "LULZ!" so many times, you lost track around 1,000! copying and pasting is so easy for you, it takes less than .5 seconds to get it done you know that when you did 300 posts, your "Junior" member status went away, but you...
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    You Know if you are ML if........

    Your know you are ML if...... you have an interesting obsession with mountain lions you have a yahoo screenname that reflects what was above said your jokeroo signiture reflects the first thing I said you post good advice that if everyone followed, the world would be better than...
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    ABC Counties

    Alpena County, Michigan