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    Stand up to Cancer (add if you wish)

    I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March this year (massive 6cm x 4cm x 2cm invasive aggressive tumour, stage T3). I had a radical cystectomy in April (bladder, prostate and lymph nodes removed, then a neo-bladder constructed from part of my bowel, all with keyhole surgery and the da Vinci...
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    Many thanks for resetting my password, squirt .... I have just logged in and updated my profile...

    Many thanks for resetting my password, squirt .... I have just logged in and updated my profile details :-)
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    Farewell Moon Dancer 10-27-10

    So sorry to hear that Mdancer (Sandra) passed away, and my condolances go to her family and friends. It is a nice idea to have the memorial service at a lake with her favourite music and words from her friends. And thank you, Queen Isabella, for letting us know of this sad loss.
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    You do know that Sally and I split up 2 1/2 years ago, and she now lives with Guest in BC ?? (well, you do now, at least !! lol)
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    Some of the participants didn't wish to be identified at the time, so I don't know how they feel almost 6 years later. Going clockwise, I am on the far left, then Sally, Bugsieb, Nabubba, three anonymouses (or should that be anonymice ??) and last, but not least, Jerry. Marky didn't make...
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    INside the cockpit of the new airbus A380

    Emirates have ordered 32 of these monsters at a cost of over 300 million Euros each (more than any other airline worldwide), and have already taken delivery of and put a number of them into daily service (mostly between Dubai and Sydney or New York). Airbus have taken a total of 234 orders...
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    Well done, hortysir, that was a fine gesture. I found this picture buried away on my hard disc - I hope no-one minds me posting this here, if so I will delete it - but it shows most of the participants of the September 2004 Roo Fest enjoying themselves at dinner, with Jerry on the far (camera)...
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    It was such a pleasure to meet Jerry in person at the Roo Fest. I had never chatted much with him on the Roo beforehand, and I then realised how much I had underestimated him .... a true gentleman, now joined the angels in heaven. My condolances to his family and friends. Sad, sad day. :darkcloud:
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    Belgium to ban the burqa!?!

    Since Belgium is trying to force Muslim women to were western clothes when they come over here, I guess that I should expect to be forced to wear a dishdasha whenever I visit my fiancée in Dubai :groan1: .... actually, I think it suits me very well :bateyes:, shame I soon won't be allowed...
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    The curious daughter...

    When I was a boy scout, I learn how to create a spark and ignite a fire by rubbing two pieces of dead wood vigorously together. Maybe she should try vigorously rubbing his dead wood to see if she can spark something off ?
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    The curious daughter...

    He had better start running if she approaches with the pruning shears to cut off the dead wood !!!
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    Iranian Cleric Says Promiscuous Women Are to Blame for Earthquakes

    Mimi, please sit still and stop jiggling them around, otherwise you will be blamed for all subsequent earthquakes, tsunamis and (volcanic) eruptions the world over !!
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    Iranian Cleric Says Promiscuous Women Are to Blame for Earthquakes

    No, I think it's the strong smell of fish being carried by the winds that enables a male to smell his mermaid from 10000 miles away.
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    Mimi - Happy Birthday

    ooppppssss .... I've only just popped in, and hope that I haven't missed the party !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIMI !!! I hope that you got loads of presents and best wishes from everyone close to your heart. Luv, Dave.
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    It`s Mimi`s Birthday!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIMI !! 21 again ??? I popped in just now to create a thread for you, and found that SexySadie and Homie had beaten me to it !! I hope that you have a lovely day, with loads of presents and best wishes from those closest to your heart.
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    How much does an accent affect peoples minds!

    Now that is easily the best offer that I have had so far this year :wow : As soon as I have picked up my jaw off the floor, I will start looking for my headset :hmm:
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    How much does an accent affect peoples minds!

    aaawwwww .... no need to be jealous, I have never known any Sheilas, so although I hadn't considered an Australian accent, I definitely haven't discarded it either, sport !!
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    How much does an accent affect peoples minds!

    Hi y'all .... Mimi just woke me up and brought me in here :dancers: Having lived for 23 years in the north-west corner of Germany (Cologne / Bonn area), and 2 years in the heart of Bavaria (Munich), it is very noticeable that people in the north and west of Germany definitely look down on the...
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    another ass for bamber

    I never knew that implants could drop that low, and shift from the front to the rear !!
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    Dragonmaster needs you!!!

    Cynthia - many thanks for the update recently. So so sorry that it was such bad and unexpected news, my thoughts and prayers are with Sandi and the rest of Ricki's family. The last time that I was on the Roo was after Myra passed away .... and now, as then, I had difficulty remembering my...