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    grandmother died

    Sunday my grandmother of 96 years old past away. Yesterday was the funeral, yesterday was also my daughters 11th birthday. The funeral was early in the morning and with Houston traffic we knew to get ready and leave our house early. I was so pre occupied with all that was going on that I forgot...
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    If you had a chance to redo a year would you. Now you can't change anything that happened that year. this would just be an oppertunity to do it again because you enjoyed it so much the first time. Would you ?? What year and why ?? I would repeat 2010 I got a new computer that year I was...
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    question for animal owners ??

    I'm not that much of a pet person sorry to me its like having another kid to clean up after but since I have kids they want furry creatures. We bought my 10yr old daughter a bunny last year. We have been having a debate going on about the bunnies birthday. When we bought her she was a couple of...
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    Why is marraige so difficult ??

    One would think after being married for a long period things would get easier because you think you know your partner but instead things just get more complicated and harder to fix.
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    Hi ya'll

    Hi all HydraDragon here I'm from Texas. I'm looking to share some of my daily vents or thoughts and looking forward to finding new friends.