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    Don't mess with old people !!

    HOW TO CALL THE POLICE HOW TO CALL THE POLICE WHEN YOU'RE OLD AND DON'T MOVE FAST ANYMORE. George Phillips of Gold Coast, Australia was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. ( Boy does this sound...
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    Photographs of castles around the world

    In addition to photographing churches, I love to visit and photograph castles, so decided to start a thread here for people to add their own photographs of their favourite castles !!! For me, the ultimate castle was featured in my all-time favourite childrens film - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...
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    Photographs of churches around the world

    I don't know if this has been done before, but .... one of my hobbies (maybe even an obsession ?) is visiting churches and taking photographs of them, and I wondered if there was any interest on this forum to share pictures and details of churches from around the Roo world ?? As a starter...
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    How could they do this ??

    .… can you believe anyone would drink Jack Daniels and Coke without ice ?!
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    Winter Blonde

    As a trucker stops for a red light, a blonde catches up. She jumps out of her car, runs up to his truck, and knocks on the door. The trucker lowers the window, and she says 'Hi, my name is Heather and you are losing some of your load.' The trucker ignores her and proceeds down the street...
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    What a load of bull

    An American touring Spain stopped at a local restaurant following a day of sightseeing. While sipping his Sangria, he noticed a sizzling, scrumptious looking platter being served at the next table. Not only did it look good, the smell was wonderful. He asked the waiter, ”What is that you just...
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    Scuba diving accident

    The day after a man lost his wife in a scuba diving accident, he was greeted by two grim-faced policemen at his door. "We're sorry to call on you at this hour, Mr. Jones, but we have some information about your wife." "Well, tell me!" the man said. The policeman said, "We have some bad...
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    Download the Internet !!!

    Lately it seems that everybody is "getting online" and "surfing the web." Never before has technology allowed so much information to be accessible to everybody at one time. Though more often than not, the majority of your time online is spent waiting .... waiting for pages to load and files to...
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    Viagra in Irish coffee

    An Irish woman of advanced age, visited her physician to ask his help in reviving her husband's libido. "What about trying Viagra?" asks the doctor. "Not a chance," she said. "He won't even take an aspirin." "Not a problem", replied the doctor. "Drop it into his coffee. He won't even taste...
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    Dining Room Set for sale

    This is an actual photo that was put in the classified ads for someone selling a dining room set. There's a pretty strong clue in here suggesting that it was taken by a man. Sharpen your powers of observation and try to find the clue. Good luck. Keep looking!!
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    EUROPEAN ROO CONVENTION - is anyone interested ??

    As you probably all know, there will be a 2nd Roo Convention held on July 9th / 10th in Pennsylvania, USA - click here for details. Is anyone interested in attending a European Roo Convention ?? Sallyanne and I would love to organise such an event over a weekend in summer 2005, but need your...
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    Car recovery from harbour

    I received the following pictures last month via e-mail, but haven't found them posted anywhere on the Roo, so thought that I would share them with you .... .... I don't know where this happened, but the vehicles are all right-hand-drive and with English names, but do not have English...
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    The 12 lays of Christmas

    BACKGROUND The Twelve Days of Christmas are probably the most misunderstood part of the church year among Christians who are not part of liturgical church traditions. Contrary to much popular belief, these are not the twelve days before Christmas, but in the Western Church are the twelve days...
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    Advise requested about home-buying in the States

    Sallyanne and I are planning to buy a home together (in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) when I next visit there in September 2004. The problem is that neither of us know much about home financing in the States, so would welcome any advice from anyone on the Roo who works or is involved in the mortgage...
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    Halloween Party

    A couple were invited to a swanky family masked fancy dress Halloween party. The wife got a terrible headache and told her husband to go to the party alone. He, being a devoted husband, protested, but she argued and said she was going to take some aspirin and go to bed and there was no need for...
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    A FOREST STORY (don't do drugs)

    A FOREST STORY A little rabbit was happily running through the forest when he stumbles upon a giraffe rolling a joint. The rabbit looks at her and says, "Giraffe my friend, why do you do this? Come with me running through the forest. You'll see. You'll feel so much better!" The giraffe...
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    How to achieve a totally satisfying sex life - but DO NOT BREAK THIS CHAIN LETTER

    Fellas, send this e-mail to at least 9 fellas who are just as virile as you. INSTRUCTIONS Anaesthetize your wife/girlfriend, put her in a large carton (don't forget some ventilation holes), and send it to the person who is at the top of your list. Soon, your name will be at the top of the...
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    At the Undertakers

    An old lady is very upset as her husband, Colin, had just passed away. She went to the undertakers to have one last look at her dearly departed husband. The instant she saw him she starts crying. One of the undertakers strides up to provide comfort in this sombre moment. Through her tears she...
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    Any familiar faces here ????

    Doesn't the one on the bottom row, second from right, look like Noddy Holder from Slade???
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    What's wrong with this picture ???

    Click on the link below, then stare at this image for two minutes, and try to figure out what is wrong with it. (hint - there is something odd about the flowers on the table) Make sure your speakers are on, and you're sitting around 15cm from your screen...