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    Hi, I'm new here

    Well it's been awhile anyway.
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    Visitor Messages

    A lot of people send me visitor messages. I just want you all to know, I'm not ignoring you. I just haven't figured out how to respond to them yet. lol and why the hell would i want to post it to my facebook page? why is facebook in every other aspect of my life/
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    The Jackson Jive

    is harry connick a wigger or what? YouTube - hey hey it's saturday - jackson jive YouTube - hey hey it's saturday - jackson jive
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    Redneck Fire Alarm

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    Serious Guitar Lead

    fast but you hear every note YouTube - John Petrucci - Stream of Conciousness
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    LMAO - Airforce one sitting on the runway at Heathrow

    How uhm? fitting? lol
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    I could watch and listen to these guys all night

    YouTube - Dream Theater - Instrumedley (Parte 1) YouTube - Dream Theater - Instrumedley (Parte 2)
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    So I haven't been here in awhile

    Anyone remember me?
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    Hey ya'll

    did I ever tell you about me? I can't remember
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    WW II the real story

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    The Pharmacist

    A women walks into a drugstore and says to the pharmacist I would like to buy some arsenic. He say lady I can't sell you that. She says please sir I am your customer and I would like to buy some. Again he reinforces he can not sell it and asks her is she even knows what it is. She confirms that...
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    the farmhouse

    ok so three people are walking down the road. A jew, a hindu and Osama bin laden (insert your enemy here) So as the day wears on they are looking for a place to sleep and they come to a farm house. they knock on the door and the farmer says two of you can sleep in the house but one will have to...
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    I'm here

    now what do I do? so what is this place all about? Me - I like to post, talk to people, have a little fun