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    A Bad Day

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    Hillbilly Couple

    A newly married hillbilly couple decided they wanted children, but didn't know how to go about it. Questions and conversations with friends and relatives proved no help, until a neighbor said they should go to town and ask the Big City Doctor. The doctor let them look at a child's book about...
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    Horney Toreador

    omg lmao
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    Not So Scarey..... LOL

    Thank You Lara! I love it! Great work as always. :)
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    Hunting / F*cking Season

    A hunter goes into the woods to hunt a bear. he carries his trusty 22 gauge rifle with him. After a while he spots a very large bear, takes aim and fires. When the smoke clear, the bear is gone. A moment later, the bear taps the hunter on the shoulder and says, "no one shoots at me and get...
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    Money Out His Ass!

    A fellow went to his doctor complaining that his asshole was feeling terribly sore. The doctor asked him to drop his drawers and bend over so he could take a look. "It's amazing!" the doctor said, as he pulled a $20 bill from the fellow's anus. Another $20 bill appeared behind the first one, so...
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    In All His Nekkid Glory

    An exhibitionist named Joe was preparing to board a flight in Atlanta. As he approached the open door of the plane at the end of the jet way, a very attractive flight attendant was collecting boarding passes. As she reached down toward Joe for his boarding pass, he opened his trench coat and...
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    He Said! She Said!

    He said... "Want a quickie?" She said..."As opposed to what?" He said... "I don't know why you wear a bra; you've got nothing to put in it." She said..."You wear briefs, don't you?" He said... "Do you love me just because my father left me a fortune?" She...
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    All The Right Equipment

    A couple went on vacation to a fishing resort up north. The husband liked to fish at the crack of dawn; the wife preferred to read. One morning the husband returned after several hours of fishing and decided to take a short nap. The wife decided to take the boat out. She was not familiar with...
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    Kiss The Holly

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    Santa & Rudolph

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    Blow Harder

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    My Snowman

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    Not So Scarey..... LOL

    :thumbs-up :thumbs-up :thumbs-up :thumbs-up Excellent Job as always Lara:thumbs-up :thumbs-up :thumbs-up :thumbs-up keep up the good work !Th ey are great even tho they aren`t animated:xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: Merry Christmas to you & everyone else here at the Roo:xmas: :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
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    Request Panties

    you don`t have to take mine you done got it. I`m sure all the roo men are pleased with your talent Icu.
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    Request Panties

    Sure did ICU , figured I`d share it before you did :P