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  1. squirt

    what do you believe?

    I believe it's Friday, and the car showed 113F at 5:30PM lol I believe the power stayed on tonight! lol I believe this extreme heat is not good for the tomato plant I believe it's hanging in there though! I believe that mouse is still behind my desk, Jack keeps trying to get back there I...
  2. squirt

    what do you believe?

    I believe I had a pretty drastic diet change effective last January! lol no carbs, no sweets, just protein and veggies! I believe there's been no change in my numbers for years, no matter what I've done, or not done ~ it's weird! lol I believe the doc says is nearly impossible for me to get...
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    Express Yourself

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    Comic of the Day (Cartoon)

  6. squirt

    Comic of the Day (Cartoon)

  7. squirt

    Choo choo!

    that was cool!
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    Rednecks Are The Best Inventors!

  9. squirt

    incredible illusions ...

  10. squirt

    The world according to Koni

    learned a new word, did we? lol
  11. squirt

    The roo petting zoo... Please add♥

    couldn't get the ducks in a row lol
  12. squirt

    great minds think alike! lol ♥

    great minds think alike! lol ♥
  13. squirt

    Expressions In Animation

    and tyvm for the snaggables!
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    Manzy's Magic

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    The Challenges

    Friday Free Day!!! lol