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    Please Prayers Needed

    I'm sure you all know. Are very best friend is in the Hospital again. Roadkill, He truly needs all the prayers we can give him. I don't know to much info, so I'll wait to pass anything on as soon as I hear. Dear God, take him in your healing hands and once again give him that much needed...
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    Asking for Your Prayers

    Please everone, we need some very muched needed prayers going out. One of are Great ROO'ERS needs all the prayers you can give. RK is having some problems. Please see fit to say a few words for this Wonderful Human Being. Love To All GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU!
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    Please Say A Prayer For Me!!!!!

    Please say a Prayer for me. I left my apartment early this evening. I only live here a month. My apartment was broke into. I had my lives savings in a small safe under my bed. With $8,800 in it. I couldn't put this money in the bank. Because I'm on S.S.D. You see you can't have any money when...
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    I'm a newbie. I have no idea how to post anything. Meaning pics and where do you find them. Please help me I love the Roo and I need ideas. Thanks.
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    Looking for fun. Lonely right now, need some action. Or I'll just take some conversation.