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  1. Lily Fields

    Thought this was a bit cheeky.

    For those who know me by now. Probably know I'm quite the fan of Born4Comedy. They made a video of what us girls think guys do Vs what they actually do. Total BS but still funny. Check it for yourself. I would like both Guys and Girls to tell me what they thought about this.
  2. Lily Fields

    Any anime fans on here?

    If you watch anime, wanna watch anime etc. Let's discuss here
  3. Lily Fields

    Fields.. Lily Fields 00mg

    Hi everyone, I'm Lily Fields. I'm quite a bubbly girl who enjoys a good laugh. Watching YouTube videos and playing video games are my little slice of heaven. Meeting new people is also great. So let's get discussing about our favorite games or YouTubers or whatever you want to discuss.
  4. Lily Fields

    Don't forget to delete your search history lol

    One of my favourite YouTubers, made a Skit about letting someone borrow your laptop and forgetting to delete your search history first. Lool