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    I can't believe ! ...

    I can't believe I am back on the Roo!! :dontgetit::whew2:
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    Stand up to Cancer (add if you wish)

    Thank you so much for your prayers and I will do the same for you and for everyone. Hugs.
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    Stand up to Cancer (add if you wish)

    My King...I know and yet it doesn't lessen the pain. Time is moving fast and yet the pain is as intense as it was the day I found out she had liver cancer. Waking up in the middle of the night....seeing her face....seeing her everywhere and suddenly remembering that she is gone and I burst...
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    Stand up to Cancer (add if you wish)

    My Mom was a very strong active lady. Even at the age of 93 she was still doing the marketing (one of the things she loves to do)....she cooks...she sews...does gardening. She loves to travel and go places. Last year we had our family reunion where all her children were gathered together and...
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    King Homie

    Awesome pictures....thanks for sharing
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    Thank you hun. Running to the Castle!

    Thank you hun. Running to the Castle!
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    Hi Squirt...Thanks for welcoming me back. Good to see you too. Suprise me..hahaha.

    Hi Squirt...Thanks for welcoming me back. Good to see you too. Suprise me..hahaha.
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    Handy Man Mike has gone to the Big Toolbox in the sky~RIP Mike Banas have always been a great friend here! So sorry to hear of your passing! My prayers would be with you and your family! May you rest in peace and may God embrace you and welcome you in His kingdom. My sincerest sympathies to your family.
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    Manzy's Magic

    I know it has been a while....not a while...a long long time...LOL. Glad to be here. I am doing great. Just been very busy. I will try to come here as often as I could as time would allow me. I miss you all. How are you? :heartburst::xxsandoos:
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    Manzy's Magic

    Wow Manzy...Was looking over your work...they are beautiful.
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    New Smilies for February

    this is pretty. thanks for sharing
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    Interesting Quotes

    Love unexpressed is a crime against the heart and Hell is the suffering of being unable to love and I Never Knew How To Worship Until I Knew How To Love! ~Author Unknown~
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    Dragonmaster needs you!!!

    This is a very sad day. Sandi I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Rick has been a very good friend....always ready to lend a hand, always ready to give his support and love. Life has been richer knowing both of you. Rest assured that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers...
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    Dragonmaster needs you!!!

    (((Rich))) thank you so much for letting me know. Love you sweetie! (((Arella))) Thank you for the updates. I know I haven't been here for a long long time and so sorry to come here at this sad moment. I too must come and offer my prayers to such a sweet sweet caring friend.
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    Our King needs our prayers once more!!

    HI....was able to talk to Rich for a few minutes yesterday. He got online when he woke up to go to the bathroom. He couldn't sleep and was in pain so he went to drink more pain killers and sleeping pills. The med was taking effect when I talked to it wasn't that long. He wanted me to...
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    Our King needs our prayers once more!!

    Thank you glad to hear that he is home. He will continously be in my prayers as always. Hugs and lots of love to both of you!!!
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    Our King needs our prayers once more!!

    Rick that would truly be appreciated. Right now...I haven't heard from Wayne so I dont know what is the latest update! Please let us know. The king will be in our prayers always. Get well soon Rich!!! We love ya!!
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    Our King needs our prayers once more!!

    Hi everyone!!! I am back and I am sorry that my coming back is under this circumstances. I have just received a message from Wayne ...Rich's friend and he informs me that our dear King is once again in the hospital. So once more I appeal to all of shower the Lord with your prayers for...
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    HI Everyone!!! HOw are you all doing? Hugs and kisses to all!!!
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    My House on Fire Yesterday ,,,,,,,,

    (((RICH))) I am so sorry to hear about the fire....Like Spanky...don't know what to say. All I know is you don't need the added stress. My heart goes out to you sweetie. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!! SO glad that you and your wife are okay and the house was not totally burned...