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    "Update permissions to allow 3rd party hosting" ??? It's all over my profile page
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    Joey and Rory

    If you've not heard of them, they have got to be the most IN LOVE couple in country music He is Rory, she is Joey Very God-Loving Christians
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    Spending Sundays OTP

    "On The Porch" Just gonna be a chillaxing thread...... Pics, music, love and peace.....maybe some football (not FUTball) or NASCAR However yer spendin' yer Sunday :hick: :salute: Today I have the Troops on my heart
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    Buncha Kiss-Asses

    I'm "back" less than a week and 30+ "Likes"?? :point:
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    What'd I do?

    Why is this closed? And can I get it unlocked? I'm reinstalling all my stuff (thanks to Kips emails)
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    Brand new HP laptop :dancers:
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    McDs owes Squirt Royalty Money

    I know they stole this word from her
  8. hortysir This is what is commonly called WMDs :shh:
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    My Memorial Day

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    I just HAD to

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    Grand-Daddy's Gun

    For those of ya, round these parts, that ain't country music fans...there's this awesome song So, what had happened was...... I started it playing while my wife, daughter and grandson were sitting in the living room and walked in to my bedroom...
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    Checking In

    As handy as the mobile site is, it just doesn't beat being on my 'lappy'. Transferred to Lakeland, moved and all settled in. Problem is our apt complex is in pissing contest with cable provider and wont have wi-fi until their contract is done in FEBRUARY!! :plain: :iheartyou: (And u...
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    Where in the World Am I?

    Much like Bamber's stumpers, I'll post a pic every weekend and give ya'll the entire week to figure out where the pic was taken This one should be a pretty easy primer (also, feel free to add related pics) ps Should I number it and start a new one every week or just pile this one up?
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    More Archaelogical Evidence

    3,000-year-old palace in Israel linked to biblical King David - NBC
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    We're Gonna DIE!!!

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    Valedictorian Prays to Applause

    A school district under pressure to keep prayer out of meetings and gatherings got an unexpected delivery from one high school valedictorian. Saturday, at Clemson's Littlejohn Coliseum, Liberty High Valedictorian Roy Costner IV took his speech to the podium, and in front of the crowd, tore...
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    Good/Bad? Fair/Unfair??!
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    Just saw a pop up appear. Ad-Blocker-Plus has always blocked any ads. Did the latest update grant a research group permission?
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    WTF? (not a "funny video") :duh: