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    So Is Grouchie's Ban going to be lifted early too?

    WEll I have read & heard from Grouchie and If Purple didnt have to serve her whole 2 weeks then Is Grouchie gonna have to serve her whole one week ban? if so I dont see how that is fair From where I lurked and seen Both are not employed Unless you count kids So nothing keeping them...
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    Congrats Grouchie On 45,000 Grouchie Posts

    Congrats Michelle huggies your good friend on PC & OFF, Pattiecakes
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    hello im new

    hello... i am a mom of 2 girls...stay pretty busy working....hope to have fun and enjoy myself...i am friends with lil ms grouch ( in real life) and one of the reason's i joined.....hope to make more friends and have fun.......... pattiecakes