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  1. AuroraAngel

    Happy Birthday, RK

    Happy Birthday to the sweetest brother ever. I hope you have a day filled with fun and all your wishes come true. (Make many because you deserve it!)
  2. AuroraAngel

    It's A Purrfect Birthday! ♥

    To a very special lady on her very special day... I hope you have the best birthday ever!!
  3. AuroraAngel

    The Quick Comeback

    Have you ever experienced a moment when someone made an off the wall remark and you fired off an amazing comeback? I enjoy quick comebacks and would love to know the story of any you may have had. Here's one of mine: Again when working as a Waitress, there was a problem with the...
  4. AuroraAngel

    Rain Rain Go Away (And take the scary shit with ya) lol

    We have had ongoing rain and severe weather in Illinois, where I live. Here is the nasty tornado that was just 6 miles from my home. I could hear it as it slowly moved. We are looking at at least 4 more days of severe weather and all I can think is: "Where is my May Flowers?!?" lol I feel...
  5. AuroraAngel

    Welcome to the Roo, Valdenroth ♥

    To the Roo, Son! Kick back with some of the best people on the Web! Don't forget to have fun ♥ I made you a gif for your signature....Enjoy!
  6. AuroraAngel

    Favorite Roo'er Ads (Additions Welcome)

    If your favorite Roo'er was an ad, what would the ad look like? Here are a few of my
  7. AuroraAngel

    The Gift

    What was the greatest gift you were ever given? Why? (The gift can be from any occasion and if you have more than one gift memory to share, please do!)
  8. AuroraAngel

    So Dry For You
  9. AuroraAngel

    Expressions In Animation

    A new home for some of my animations...
  10. AuroraAngel

    Return To Innocence: Chasing The Sunset & Facing Myself

    During my last visit to the forums, I vented off about my depression and anxiety problems but let those problems get the best of me when a few of you tried to show understanding. :oops: Manzy had written about finding the sunset after the clouds had cleared. I really liked her view and her...
  11. AuroraAngel

    Problems with the Challenge Thread

    When I click on the last page of the Challenge Thread, my Anti Virus Software pops up and blocks a malicious site. I am not having problems in any other threads. Is anyone else having this problem? I ran my Anti Virus software and my computer is clean. I just started having the problem...
  12. AuroraAngel

    Is She Into You?
  13. AuroraAngel

    Rocking The Boat

    What happened to the nuttiest group on the web? Am I missing something? All I see now are posts for hugs and kisses and silly shit going on during the day… Not that I don’t mind a hug once in a while but sometimes I just want to vomit up a rainbow when I see those hugs. I consider most of...
  14. AuroraAngel

    Aurora's Illustrative Capers

    I am keeping with the tradition of making a home for collections of tags. Here are some creations I have made and new ones will be added as I make them.
  15. AuroraAngel


    I'm having trouble with my smilies. When I click on the [more] link in advanced posting, my Internet Explorer freezes up and shuts down with an error message. The lovely Squirt has tried to help me but I don't know most of the codes for the smilies. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  16. AuroraAngel


    A young wife sat on a sofa on a hot humid day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her mother. As they talked about life, about marriage, about the responsibilities of life and the obligations of adulthood, the mother clinked the ice cubes in her glass thoughtfully and turned a clear...
  17. AuroraAngel

    ~Happy Birthday, Master Wolfy~

    Happy Birthday, Master Wolfy~December 6th I love you as my closest, dearest friend. Boys and girls can be just closest friends. There is no passion greater than the one That touches not the body but the heart. You mean much more to me than someone who I date and undate, want and then...
  18. AuroraAngel

    Happy Birthday DragonLady

    Happy Birthday, Dragon Lady!! June 15......... I hope your birthday is awesome!! Blessed Be, Sister
  19. AuroraAngel

    Jokaroo.. Help needed with a logging problem

    A very dear member of the Roo has a problem he needs help with. Please help him with this problem so he will reconsider leaving the Roo. I hear that King Homie is having the same problem.... Here is the message from Undercover Lover about his problem..... "OK, I feel looked over too...
  20. AuroraAngel

    Wolfy's Harem

    Wolfy is taking applications for his harem. Here's mine.... :devil: Wolfy, You've been a busy lately.. I thought you needed a place for all your girls. *eg* :laugh: