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    Let's get back on track...

    well I'm not really impressed either to be honest;)
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    Interclick or Sig Ads

    same here!
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    Reformed Jokaroo

    Zmama was wrongfully banned!!
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    Let's get back on track...

    What about Zmama....She didn't trash the place yet what she did was UNFORGIVABLE??????
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    Reformed Jokaroo

    I wasn't saying Amen to the adds
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    Reformed Jokaroo

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    3 Moderator Positions

    yes now that the sig ads are gone everything will be all better!! *rolling my eyes!!
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    Massive Changes

    I haven't been here in a long timefor a good reason,..since the first spamming incident with our friend " troutflosser" and his group of friends,...I have seen the mods work frantically to try and bring your attention to these people to ban them,..only to have NOTHING done. And I mean...
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    *GreaseMonkey is going BYE_BYE!*

    LMAO....OMG....This is too cute ,...thank you sassy!!!I'm glad you'll be keeping Zmama busy while I'm away. :inlove: thank you again...
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    *GreaseMonkey is going BYE_BYE!*

    Lmao,...I wish I could take her along,...but it might affect my pic!!!!!
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    *GreaseMonkey is going BYE_BYE!*

    Thank you Lady,..I like how sassy packed
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    *GreaseMonkey is going BYE_BYE!*

    Thanks Chelle,..I'll play safe and definitly hurry home to my Zmama!!
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    *GreaseMonkey is going BYE_BYE!*

    Thanks Wm,..I'll miss everyone here too!!
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    *GreaseMonkey is going BYE_BYE!*

    I love you,and will miss you dearly until I can once again hold you in my arms. I love you with all my heart and soul my precious,..I can't wait to be home,..and I haven't even left yet!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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    *GreaseMonkey is going BYE_BYE!*

    Thank you sassy for the kindness...I see you have all the essentials packed for
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    One for Zmama....!!

    I have one for you too Mama...hehehe......but it doesn't have
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    Stand YOUR ground true Rooers

    DUDE!!!!!,...when ya go to porn sites,...they FILL your puter with spyware,hackerware and all the underwear you really don't want!!! It's NOT Jokaroo that's your problem!! If you cancel your porn subscription a lot of your problems will go away!! If you get smilies,..they are full of spyware...
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    $10 don't go very far anymore

    he could have saved himself a bit by buying a bottle of hand
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    He won't go soft on her again

    did she at least put some ribs in it???
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    Another sperm bank toon.

    It's a bank that people just keep cumming to!!