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    Good News!

    Hi Peeps, Just thought to let you know the good news. My website is up and running- and I am working on a new book. Also, if Essex boy hasn't all ready mentioned it- I am pregnant again. I am five weeks pregnant and hoping for a boy. Also, the pregnancy has given me a sudden dislike for...
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    How annoying!

    I am having trouble posting- the site keeps logging me out. How rude!
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    'Til death do us part (18+) CHAPTER ONE

    Rebecca sighed as she glared at the blank screen of her laptop through gritted teeth and clenched fists. The woman was often seen wearing pale a skirt suit. She had icy blue eyes and a cold smile to go with her steel appearance. Her mobile phone began to ring. She answered her phone, whilst...
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    Unibook publishing - Deadline

    Hi Everyone! I thought that I'd just let you all know that I have just put up my book 'Deadline' on to The price of the book is $11.90. Please, please buy my book. It would mean a lot to me. I have worked really hard on it. Hope you're all having a great day. Happy reading!
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    Might be getting laptop fixed soon

    Hi everyone! I am hoping to get an estimate on how much it'll cost to fix my laptop today. If it is more than 100 pounds, then I will be getting a new netbook instead. If it costs less than 120 though, I can get my screen fixed, which means I will be able to write loads again. Yay! I hate...
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    Murder among War: Brief synopsis

    Some people discover the local park littered with dead bodies. It was a mass murder. It was serial killing. Worse, it was war. Not having enough men to find and apprehend the killers responsible, they also had no idea how many people was involved. The police got together their forces, and...
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    My forth book

    I am working on my forth book. It is called "Deadline". It's a mystery genre novel about a man who had got killed with a flower pot. I thought it was a genius idea. I have posted four chapters. I am hoping that it won't take as long as my last book. That took sooo long. Anyways, check it...
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    Mystery Novel: Deadline (THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS)

    Hi everyone, Incase anyone is still interested in my writing, here is the first three chapters of my current work: Deadline. Enjoy! --------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 Nadine followed her husband, George, to a large hotel in Flagstone. The building loomed over the...
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    I finished it!

    Hi peeps! I have finally finished my third book, Silence of the hunter. I have sent it off for publishing. I am now working on my forth book. I did call it "Write til the end," but I have changed my mind. I am now calling it "Deadline." I have posted my first two sample chapters on my forum...
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    Solve a murder

    Hi Everyone, Anyone wanna play, solve a murder? Example crime scene: Victim has been stabbed in the back. There is a knife beside the woman's body. There is a woman's heel print in the pool of blood. Suspects: The woman next door who always complained about the loud music. The husband she...
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    Congrats to Essex, first buyer!

    Congrats to my Dad (Essexboy) for being the 1st buyer of Town Takeover. This is a picture of me holding the first EVER hard copy of my novel in book form. (Are you sure you don't want me to sign it?)
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    "Naked Truth" is published!

    </PRE> Yay! My second book has been published! Naked Truth is about some travellers that goes on a quest to search for the fragments of truth. Its a magical gem that glows and vibrate when someone is telling a lie. The travellers are Bane (a watchman), Zeal (a wizard), Melody (a...
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    The Naked Truth/ 1-3 sample chapters

    Chapter One Melody Veil walked down the worn path, slowly admiring the view. The grass around her was blue and green. The tree branches was light brown with bright yellow leaves that rustled with the wind. She smiled, in no rush to get to the Vulgar Dragon's Inn. Zeal didn't mention that she...
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    The scent of murder/Chapter One

    Lisa sat at her laptop sighing as she pressed the delete button for the tenth time that night. The novel writing month had started and was already running a whole day late. "What can I write? Surely something would support a novel," she groaned. She began to prepare herself to start...
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    Cabin Envy - short story. (5744 words long)

    <a href=''><img src='' alt='Cabin Envy' width='300' height='200' border='0'></a> Cabin Envy Written by Michelle. V. Thorpe Julia stared ahead, watching every movement...
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    My daughter eating

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    based on my april novel writing month

    Hels'don Forest
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    I did this picture. What you think?
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    my map attempt

    This is my first attempt at map making.
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    YouTube - The NaNoWriMo Song - Music Video! This is a really good song about National Novel Writing Month. Enjoy.