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    Warner/Who Else has passed....

    Was unsure if anyone posted this here yet or not.... but Warner/Who Else passed away on July 18th.... A link to the funeral service that took care of Warner where you can leave a note to the family if you wish..... Warner Kading "In lieu of flowers please make a donation to Augustana...
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    New baby boy to welcome!

    I know I haven't posted in awhile and said I wouldn't post again but I talked to Kelly/Jezebel on the phone today and she wanted me to post that Kizzy and Tony/mooglelover had their baby! Kelly's grandma once again! Yay! The baby is named after his grand daddy.... Patrick Walter! Woohoo!! He...
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    The Philosophy of a Rambling Rose.... or something like that.

    OK so here I am rambling my mumbo jumbo crap. I've had a lot of "stuff" in my head lately and I need an output so here ya go.... a whole lot of rambling from Rose.... In this world… we cannot change one another. We are all conflicted with inner battles. And in dealing with those inner...
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    Do You Fear Death?!?

    Just wanted to know how many people truly fear death and their reasons as oposed to those that do not fear death and their reasons. And I step from the floor until further responses are posted....
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    Happy Birthday, shale!!!!

    shale's birthday is May 1st!! Happy Birthday, Shale!! :inlove: MayDay, MayDay.... prepare yourselves he's gettin' up there in age! ;) :tounge: Luckily he looks dang good for his age! ;) :thumbs-up :inlove: Luv ya, dumbass. :satisfied
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    My Thanks to the Mods

    iZaNaMi -- Thank you for all that you do here. You seem like a kind, sincere and impartial person. And I also thank you for listening to a particula member's feelings on a particular thread. I know for a fact that member was glad and relieved you just let things die down. For that reason...
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    The Eyes Have It.......

    Hope ya all don't take this the wrong way..... Please read this in its entirity..... But the recent thread for showing tits has rather disturbed me.... I posted a pic there for a friend (because I was asked and because I love her) but I ain't going fuckin' way.... I know...
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    First Annual Roo Convention!

    Woohoo! It's been decided that the First Annual Roo Convention will meet in Minnesota the weekend of SEPTEMBER 11th. :D We will be attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival! Yay!! And we can do other things together depending on where interest lies. I'm up for anything. I know this area...
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    The Greatest Beer Quiz, Ever!

    <img src="" border="0" alt="Miller Lite"><br>MILLER LITE: You're not pretentious, but you have<br>certain expectations of the people you spend<br>time with. You're a fun person, though, and an<br>unconscious flirt. People enjoy...
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    What it's all about...

    Very cool... check it out... Best with audio! :thumbs-up
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    Shale's First Job

    It seems Shale has always been a businessman... :D
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    Essex naughty boy!

    Shame on you, essex!!! You started out too dang young!! And you seem to have always been taking advantage of poor defenseless women!!! :tounge:
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    Would you suck the poison out?!?

    So would you suck the poison out?!?! Come on... be a pal... :D
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    Hey, ya got a nice suntan while on holiday!

    :D :tounge: :D :tounge: