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    Congrats on 5000 posts Colin hun

    Woohoo you made it hun and here's to the next 5000 Big hugs :inlove: :inlove:
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    Sweet Mountainlion hits 39,000 great posts

    wtg sweetheart on 39,000 great posts that have kept us laughing ... looking forward to many many more Big Hugs and Smooches :inlove: :inlove:
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    What gender is a computer?

    An English teacher was explaining to his students the concept of gender association in the English language. He stated how hurricanes at one time were given feminine names and how ships and planes were usually referred to as "she". One of the students raised their hand and asked - "What gender...
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    Pop Idol Audition

    OMG What an audition <center><embed SRC="" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="320" AUTOPLAY="true" ></embed></center>
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    The Ebay Phenomenon

    Hi All, I got this is an email and thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it with all of you [SIZE=2]<CENTER>Thanks for the help Essex Boy xxx <center><embed SRC="" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="320" AUTOPLAY="true" ></embed></center>