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    mandela effect

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    Do we still need the Electoral College?

    :loveit: [COLOR=#006400][SIZE=4] No thanks. :) :yougogirl::yougogirl:lol He was a big mistake - we saw coming. But ppl only voted for some historical moment. O it's historical, alright. Worst president ever.
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    So - as an American [myself] and not wanting to sift through all the info... Anyone have a *bullet point index or such to look over. I'm curious what all this entails. I mean I like the opinions, but I'm rather curious what all is being said to be put into place.
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    Yes or no?
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    Do we still need the Electoral College?

    It was brilliant how they set that up. It gives the entire population a voice...vs bigger cities who could harm rural areas because their issues and needs are not the same. It was set up to keep tyrants from taking over. A politician would only need to bend to the cities and make the whole...
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    Trump or Clinton?

    Ppl are hungry because Obama starved us.
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    Trump or Clinton?

    We agree. I voted Trump. The DOW went up, businesses are now staying in the US and creating jobs... Just saw the news.. a bit ago.
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    R. I. P. the Debate

    Ppl are vastly different on FB... i have a ton of roobies on mine. Mostly due to being surrounded by actual family and friends and their real name. Less trolling. Plus it's self operated... ie... you can just delete ppl or block them yourself. It's def a different world, where ppl behave...
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    R. I. P. the Debate

    Forums took a beating when social media took over. Ppl now hang daily on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter.... etc
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    My Personal Apologizes

    No one 'gets it' til they're faced with it. Criminals who kill - never stop to check if it's a crime. They're also the ones who obtain guns from shady places. So gun checks won't deter them. Hence the term - criminal.
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    I, also, need leg surgery

    Rest in Peace, friend. May God bring you eternal repose of the soul. May you not be forgotten and remembered in our hope and peace for you. Eternal memory. Lord, forgive me, for I am a sinner.
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    I, also, need leg surgery

    I am so sorry. In my prayers... In my intentions. Love and peace to all, and remember truly, death is only for a time... until we all reunite again in the beautiful serenity of Heaven. May the Good Lord carry those left behind with comfort of His love for the dearly departed ~ and that they...
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    What should we do about ISIS and the likes?

    I'd be worried about this if i was Europe. Syrians are moving in in the escape. How many are terrorists - piggy backing this movement? As it is Sweden and France both have serious issues with riots and mass immigration from the Muslims. As for Muslims - they all follow sharia law...
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    Planned (non)Parenthood

    You speak the truth. As far as mammograms go, they are given high funding from taxes - just to give referrals for mammograms. Heck i could do that. ~~~~~~~~~~ Anyway - IMO - a baby conceived from rape - was not the criminal. As far as i know - we dont usually convict a child for the fathers...
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    Farewell angles'Mom

    Thanks for sharing this, Queenie. Cynthia - you will be in my prayers. Be at peace in the arms of the Angels.
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    Stephen Fry and Catholicism

    Some things never change - do they Tsalagi? Hmmm, i havent been here forever and you are still attacking Catholicism. Words to the wise - we do not judge Jesus by Judas - dont judge the entire Catholic Church by scoundrels. God doesnt call the perfect - because there are none. He calls those...
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    A personal debate

    It sounds like your heart is set on this. Ask yourself: Will you regret it if you or dont do this? Maybe toss a coin - making it no for one side and yes for the other. As you toss it up - you'll know the side you want it to fall on - and then you will know this is what you really want -...
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    Obama and mall massacre

    MUST SEE: Obama's Link To Kenyan Mall Massacre And Al-Qaeda Revealed
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    Arella needs our thoughts and prayers

    Does anyone have an update. PM me. Thanks. <3