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    Blonde calendar ................................

    Okay, I am blonde but SO funny are the jokes! It IS true... 8 cups water do not fit in little packets of Koolaid. Also have to wash steering wheel of car. Has lipstick ALL over it. Still trying to blow horn. :D
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    The 12 pains of Christmas (feel free to add! ♥)

    I laugh SO hard I have tears in my eye! I send to ALL my friends also. Congratulations on PoD!!
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    Merry Christmas!

    Ach! Spend all day yesterday have GRAND time with family. Very merry Holiday from us to all Roo!
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    Winter in Russia

    Okay, this is NOT bad. For Siberia! In Rostov-na-Donu, it is very mild. Lovely vacation spot. I heartily advise visit my home town!
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    Konifur`s big sis`s favorite tee shirt

    I have Bad Kitty tee shirt just like girl's in picture. She did not steal it though. I am wearing it at party tonight.
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    BUGS Closeups

    This is both so very disturbing and beautiful... Congratulations on PoD
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    The Ronnie Barker is FUNNY! I peed myself almost. Also Argentinian Racing Pigeon is hilarious. Such wonderful and intelligent talents. Ratucongulations No DoP! *giggle*
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    Thanks to all our Veterans

    Being a new citizen of USA now, I am thankful for veterans' service and sacrifices, no matter what country (except for nazi fascists). I spend Veterans Day visiting VA hospital and saying hello.
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    BUT, but, but...
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    show us your pumpkins!!!

    How You peeking at marina and me? *giggle*
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    The suprised cat

    OMG! SO funny! I have 2 cats and big dog. They are best friends (not as friendly as in video though!) Maxim (the dog) want to play with them and they ignore him. Congratulations on PoD!
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    f**k disclaimer

    What does Pommie mean please?
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    The term...'Dickhead'

    I see he is not Jewish? Not circumcised... *giggle* I am So bad today! Congratulation on PoD!
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    Worst Tattoo for a Man?

    ROFLMAO! Funny tattoo movie! Nasty tattoo though. Congratulations, I send this to my friends for to make their day.
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    Strange questions...............strange answers!

    This is SO fascinating and very informative. Thank You all SO much for this. It maybe because I am Russian, or a teacher, but I do find this sort of thing both informative and engrossing as well educational. Here is something: Most people in Russia never had last names before Czar Peter...
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    The babysitter

    Uncleobie, that is wonderful story! My Max, who is english mastiff is like this with twins. Very cute and very protective. Bad thing is all dog saliva I must wash from their clothes and faces. Yes, Max love to make sloppy kiss!
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    Drunk Barbie

    Congratulations on Your PoD! As for the fetish Barbie, meh. I as You say been there and do that. Make one with mousetraps or in a water tank.
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    Well, I think Mr Konifur is handsome. he is silly and this make him very nice and attractive. (Nyet! I am not give up lesbian Union card.... *giggle*)
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    50 Uglest Cars of the past 50 Years

    The Lada was ugly like hit by forest of ugly trees. Some old regime Russian cars were so bad they hurt eyes and head. My Papa say he once had PRODUCTION car made from leather! Such the vision im my mind I have... Little motor, with large saddle on him and Papa waving ushanka like crazy...
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    How to enlarge your boobs instantly

    I DO NOT want bigger boobs though! I want smaller ones! Like my Marina's, they are lovely.