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    Yes or no?
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    Obama and mall massacre

    MUST SEE: Obama's Link To Kenyan Mall Massacre And Al-Qaeda Revealed
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    US Supreme Court shoots down Arizona

    Supreme Court strikes down Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to vote - U.S. News I didnt see this in here. Second before anything else - this freedom to vote - is for everyone - and i mean inclusive are terrorists. The US Supreme Court did something unconstitutional - because this...
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    Demographic Wiinter
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    Obama tells Israel to give back land

    :joint:Is he on something?? Now our ally is mad at us .... and what does he want? Their destruction? :boxing:
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    Look up: HJ res. 5

    Getting rid of term limits? Ahem. I kinda already said Obama would try to become a long term dictator... Now i can put a check mark next to his attempt. Hopefully, it goes no where. :grouchday: :neener:
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    Why are the important things covered up?

    Daily News: Federal Study Confirms Contraception-Breast Cancer Link: NCRegister
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    American friends this is Unconstitutional [big surprise there] In an outrageous example of the abuse of near dictatorial power, the leader of the United States Senate, Harry Reid, forced a vote on nationalized health care. With total disregard for the...
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    Another special find in the UHC packet on its way!

    'Marriage penalty' buried in healthcare bills ( Former Minnesota state legislator Allen Quist points out that two single people each making $30,000 per year would pay $1,320 combined for private health insurance if the Pelosi House bill was in effect now. However, if the two...
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    Cardinal Pell Warns of Move to Silence Christians in Australia

    <!-- google_ad_section_start -->Cardinal Pell Warns of Move to Silence Christians Says Religious Freedom No Longer a Human Right in Australia CANBERRA, Australia, NOV. 23, 2009 ( An Australia commission purportedly established to protect human rights seems to be omitting freedom...
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    MY VENT thread

    Join in if you feel you MUST!!!!!! I dont feel better - but i am letting it out somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Science prooving the Resurrection of Christ

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top align=left>A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection? by Chuck Missler </TD><TD vAlign=center align=right> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> <HR color=#000080 noShade SIZE=2>Dame Isabel Piczek—a Hungarian trained...
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    America has more 'czars' than the Romanov's “Obama Creates More Czars Than the Romanovs” Barack Obama, Czar Appointments, Obama Appointments, Senate, US Constitution <!-- end headline of your post --><!-- start entry of your post --> After only three months in office, David J...
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    Should someone be forced to do something they simply do not wish to do?

    Should an adult be forced to give up their rights and be forced to do something they find reprehensible or against their own judgement, preference, or desire?
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    Bad Kitty

    YouTube - Realy Bad Pussy!!
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    A break in Debate for some spoofing

    YouTube - Pelosi's Obama crush gets creepy
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    Face transplant [1st in US]

    Face Transplants: Further Reading - Health Blog - WSJ I have read about a few others in the world - and apparently this is getting better. Whoda thunk it?
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    New Hate Crimes Bill defines pedophilia as sexual orientation protected by law

    :sadlike: Americans make some noise on this one! <DT>Call both Senators from your state and the House member from your district. Then call House Representatives from other districts in your state, primarily Democrats. Finally, if you want to do even more, expand to Representatives from other...
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    US declares warming gases a health threat

    entire article Does anyone understand that plants use these gases? :huh2:
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    Obama nominee sees no reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case...

    Obama nominee sees no "reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States" On top of that, this Obama pick believes that "America's focus on the War on Terror [is] 'obsessive.'" And his list of countries that flagrantly disregard international law highlights...