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    Blues and Country

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    Belly Dance/Burlesque Enjoy!

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    willie nillie

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    The bear, the lion & the tiger. BFFs

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    In memory of my daughter (1988-2016)

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    Large Pics.

    I have been posting in my favorite fantasy thread, but when the picture is a gif file, I get a messege that the pic. is to large. I don't know how to make them smaller. Any advice?
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    Music Video Variety For Your Soul

    Hope you enjoy.
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    cannot upload pics

    I click on upload but it doesn't allow me to upload, any new changes?
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    China’s Louisiana Purchase: Who’s building a methanol plant on the bayou?

    Get ya'r gear ready! Bobby Jindal and China's Louisiana Methanol Plant | Al Jazeera America ST. JAMES PARISH, La. — A prominent Chinese tycoon and politician — whose natural gas company's environmental and labor rights record recently started coming under fire in the Chinese press — is...
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    can't log in to upload pics

    anyone can help. i use the same password same name???
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    little video for all of you from me

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    anyone have problem uploading? I can't since yesterday. :kisses2:
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    Happy New Year Everyone with all my heart

    qabq/z3/g/B/R/e/ :clapanddance::clapanddance::clapanddance::clapanddance::clapanddance::blowhearts::blowhearts::frozentongue::frozentongue::nana::nana::airheart::airheart::gift::gift: qabq/z3/g/B/R/e/a.baa-happy-new-year-wishes.gif
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    Native American Beauties

    Humpemsquaw q03u/z3/k/m/O/e/
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    not uploading pics, is there a problem today?

    it spins and spins and it's done, but no links appear to copy and paste. is there a limit to how many you can upload at one time?:speed::speed::speed:
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    mother's day thread

    can anyone point me to a mother's day thread? thanks:lovearrow::lovearrow::flowerforyou2:
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    the list up there is soo dark

    where it lists forum.....what's new....etc..each tab is so dark, I can't see the words. Is this something on my part? otherwise I love the new look. Or is that because my husband bought a bigger screen? who the hell knows.....:thee::thee::thee:
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    Post-Election shock syndrome

    I know the election is over,,but as a matter of fact, the war has just begun. Starting with REJECTING Affordable Care Act a/k/a Obamacare by several states. One of the largest and LEAST amount of people not insured with healthcare is TEXAS. I'm wondering how exactly are they proposing to take...