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  1. Manzy

    Error 520

    I’ve been getting this error off and on but today more than usual
  2. Manzy

    Happy Birthday to our Queen Isabella 👑

    Happy Birthday Queenie 💜 I hope your day is magical and filled with lots and lots of fun filled wonders Enjoy your month of celebrating I hope it’s fit for a queen love you loads Manz...
  3. Manzy

    Happy Birthday to our favorite country guy Country17

    Happy Birthday my friend ~ I hope your day is simply the best I certainly enjoy messing with you but I’m also glad our paths crossed in this world and we became friends! Ok I’ll stop being sappy lol Enjoy your day and I’d buy you a beer if I could 🍺 🍻 🚜 Happy Birthday 🧁 you know I‘m always...
  4. Manzy

    Happy Birthday to our LikeanEagle (Lynn)

    Happy Birthday my friend I know your not here that much but still know you are loved and missed and are thought about a lot especially on your special day Xxxxxx Manzy ♥️ t
  5. Manzy

    Happy Birthday to Essex Boy!

    Happy Birthday Essex! I know your not here a lot but your still a Rooer and always will be Enjoy your special day 💯🎉 Much Love Manzy hope you like chocolate cake 😘
  6. Manzy

    Kryten’s 4th of July Roo Firework‘s Show! 💥 🧨

    This year I wanted to dedicate the 4th of July holiday thread to our Kryten he‘s gone through a lot and has always continued to make us laugh and contribute so much here! I hope he’s doing well and know you are loved my friend
  7. Manzy

    Happy Birthday to our one and only King Homie

    I hope your Birthday is just as special as you and having it fall on Mothers Day is just extra special as I know you two were close. Even though you don’t get here a lot you’ll always be a part of the Roo and you’ll always have a Birthday thread to come back to. Happy Birthday to one of my...
  8. Manzy

    Happy Easter Birthday to our Pandora 🦋

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday my friend Pandora and an extra special day to celebrate on Easter Sunday. I’m so glad we’re friends and found one another on the big old internet, it was meant to be for our paths to cross and become friends Enjoy your special day and know your loved by me and...
  9. Manzy

    Manzy’s Roo Bakery

    C’mon on in I got warm bread and all that that implies lol (add your baked goods)
  10. Manzy

    Our Dreamer needs our prayers badly 😢

    I just read a post from her son Devin and he said his mom is leaving us 😢😢😢 I know she wasnt feeling good and I even talked to her on Instagram and told her to be well and careful with all the crud around, she said she was feeling better and now I went to her page and her sister said the...
  11. Manzy

    Be My Roo Valentine

  12. Manzy

    Queen Isabella (Queenie) needs our prayers 💜

    Queenie just texted me~ last night she fell down the outside steps and has been in the emergency room all night she fractured her right hip and upper thigh bone and will have surgery later on today or tomorrow please keep her in your prayers, thoughts and well wishes ♥ *girl* stop doing that I...
  13. Manzy

    Getting a server error

    The Roo was slow for me this morning and double posting for others I got an email from Roosted saying that someone posted in the Jokeroo thread there it was Steven saying he keeps getting a server error here. Tried to tell squirt in her profile but I got the Ooops server error so trying here...
  14. Manzy

    When grandma knits

  15. Manzy

    ? Happy Roo Year ?

    Let’s get this party started ???
  16. Manzy

    Lets Play In the Roo Snow thread ❄️

    Since we got a little snow this morning here let’s get the snow thread started post anything snowy ⛄️
  17. Manzy

    Happy Birthday to our one and only Queen Isabella

    Hear Ye Hear Ye Let the celebrating begin It‘s Our Queens Birthday and she celebrates so much more than her special day she is a transplant survivor and We are so very grateful for that.. So join us in this Wonderful Venture Happy Birthday Queenie So glad we met on this Roo adventure and...