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  1. tasman

    new girlfriend

    A guy is talking to his co-worker on a Monday morning. He says "I took my new girlfriend fishing over the weekend.". His friend asks "Did you catch anything?" The guy says "I don't know yet."
  2. tasman

    What were the parents thinking?

    Working at a prison, I see some strange names, and I can't help but think what were the parents thinking? There was one inmate named John Doe. He couldn't convince people that was his real name. He told me his parents had a really warped sense of humor. Some other names I've seen: Cannon...
  3. tasman

    Genie Jokes

    A guy walks into a bar, the first thing he sees is a little guy about a foot tall playing the piano. He walks ip to the bartender and says "That's quite a novelty you got there, I don't think I've ever seen a piano player that small." The bartender says "Ah, that's really nothing, I have a...
  4. tasman

    True Santa stories...feel free to add any you might have

    This is my funny but true Santa story from when I was a kid. Every year we would go over to Grandma's house to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Afterward, on the way home, we would drive through the different subdivisions and neighborhoods to look at all the lights. This one particular...
  5. tasman

    redneck death notice

    Bob, Joe, and Jim are travelling down the road in a pick up truck. Bob is in the back of the truck. they hit a bump and Bob gets thrown out and is killed instantly. Joe and Jim are argueing about who should tell Bob's wife. Finally, Joe says " You're a better talker than me, you'll have to...