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  1. jokaroo

    Trump vs the FBI

    As a Canadian, I've been pretty surprised to see how the FBI spied on Trump and created the whole narrative of Russia Collusion for the past 3 years. The recent Horowitz report totally changed my thinking around Trump, I even sympathize now. Imagine being called a traitor and treasonous and...
  2. jokaroo

    Merry Christmas

    Always seem to drop in around Christmas time to say hello. I miss this place and everyone in here. I remember when I created this home. How many people are still active in here?
  3. jokaroo

    Newsletter & Member of the Month

    I think its time we bring back the newsletter and member of the month that exclusively focuses on our forums. Here is the format I'm thinking: Tuesdays & Fridays - Best funny picture post - Most controversial post - Fact of the day - On the 1st Tuesday of every month, we announce a member of...
  4. jokaroo

    New Forums & Latest Updates

    Hi everyone, It's been a long while since I've posted here, but happy to be back. We've made some serious updates as follows: 1. Mobile ready website! You can easily surf and post via your phone (which I'm doing now!). 2. A complete upgrade to our forums, new server, new software, and new...
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    Jokeroo Has Been Hacked - Change Passwords ASAP

    Hello everyone, We have identified that Jokeroo has been hacked due to a plugin called VBSEO. We have removed this plugin and patched the issue. Never the less, we recommend all users do the following ASAP to prevent further issues from arising. Change your password on Jokeroo ASAP. If you...
  6. jokaroo

    Jokeroo Upgraded to latest Vbulletin

    I just did an upgrade to the forums to the latest version. Please let me know if you run into any problems.
  7. jokaroo

    The Future of Jokeroo

    Hi everyone, I've been debating with myself for the last few years. Do we close Jokeroo or do we keep it? If we keep it, how do we sustain it? Servers, developers, and managing a board the size of this is not an easy task. It took us an entire week of debugging, cleaning and fixing the forums...
  8. jokaroo

    URGENT: Video Deletion & Disabling Video Uploads

    Hello everyone, We are going to be deleting all videos on Jokeroo by or on September 17th, 2014. We ask that all users download and backup their own videos in order to prevent the loss of their files. Pictures will not be affected and the picture upload will maintain as is. Jokeroo will focus...
  9. jokaroo

    News: Uploading Activity Update

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to provide an update on the uploading activity that has happened in the past. Although this represents a very small minority of users, mostly from Eastern Europe, we have noticed a string of copyright infringers that are stealing peoples...
  10. jokaroo

    Forums go Mobile

    Hey everyone, We have just updated our forums to be Mobile ready. This means, if you go to on your phones, you will get a mobile optimized version of our message board. If you prefer not to use the mobile version, you can always scroll to the bottom and click on "Full...
  11. jokaroo

    MAJOR CHANGES: Read now...

    BREAKING NEWS... ALL Countries eligible for Paypal are now accepted into our content program ALL Countries can earn up to $100 per video for your original content ALL Countries will pay 5 cents per reaction Our mobile uploading application for ANDROID, IPHONE and WINDOWS PHONE will be...
  12. jokaroo

    Video Payouts = $100 per Video

    Huge news... Jokeroo has increased their video payouts to $100 per video. We have also increased our referral fee to 10%. Have friends filming cute and funny videos? Refer them and earn 10% of their earnings!
  13. jokaroo

    Adjustment to Likes & Reactions

    Due to the high amount of cheating and lack of legitimate use of LIKES and REACTIONS, we have decided to reduce the rates on this aspect of our program to 2 cents. We are anticipating a jump in video payouts and photo payouts in the coming months, a dramatic jump, so stay tuned. Thanks, Team...
  14. jokaroo

    $50 Videos & $10 Pictures from Jan 15-30, 2012

    Our biggest promotion yet is about to arrive on Sunday, January 15th, 2012 and end on January 30th, 2012. This promotion only applies to residents in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. $50 per approved video uploaded $10 per approved photo uploaded Like seriously, we are...
  15. jokaroo

    500% Increase in Video Payouts + More

    We are making a dramatic move here to try and get the best content uploaders on the web to start uploading on Jokeroo. As of January 1st 2012 we have decided to increase our video payout rate by 500% and for every user you refer you will earn 5% of their lifetime earnings. Find those amazing...
  16. jokaroo

    How to Make Money with your Content

    Make Money with your Pictures & Videos on How it happens… Get paid 2¢ cents for ever reaction you make. Get paid 2¢ cents for every Facebook LIKE you make. Get paid up to $50 for approved cute, funny, or interesting videos you upload and own Get paid up to $10 for approved cute...
  17. jokaroo

    Photo Payment Change

    Hey everyone, in an effort to give more users a chance in earning money with uploading content we decided to increase our photo approval 2x. This means we will approve double the amount of photos going forward, but we are going to lower the payout down to $5. So in essence, nothing changes on...
  18. jokaroo

    Post of the Day

    Hey Everyone, we need to come up with a solution where everyone can vote for POD for each day. I will not include POD's in the newsletter until we can come up with a way where YOU can pick the POD's. We get too many complaints when we pick it, so now I'm giving you the chance to come up with a...
  19. jokaroo

    Jokeroo REACT! Info

    Hey everyone, there will be a lot of questions surround Jokeroo REACT! so I'm going to do my best to address most of them here. Please followup with more questions if you have any. Jokeroo REACT! is our latest and greatest program to help your users make more money. Imagine users can choose...
  20. jokaroo

    Jokeroo Rewards Update

    Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce many new changes and features added to Jokeroo Rewards that begin this month. Let me begin: Minimum payout balance has increased from $25 to $50. We are still twice as good as Google, since their minimum payout is $100 for Google Adsense. We had to change...