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    Seen in a pub in Southend

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    Financial Advice

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    Southend's version of anti knife crime WTF

    I don't think they thought this one through
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    Harry and Meghan

    Are they right to want to stand on their own two feet and step away from Royal duty? Personally I don't blame them at all and respect their decision. After what happened to his Mum I think part of it is Harry protecting his wife and family They'd need deep pockets though as they still need very...
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    Jewish..The one true religion z Every one god religion is a cast off from the the Jewish faith As a Protestant I know we exist because we no longer wanted to under the control of Rome (bit like Brexit) The Muslim faith is also a cast off (why else would they be so...
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    To all Terrorists

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    Sex Mad

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    Mortal Kombat

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    It's a Womens World

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    How Romantic

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    Is it a Cat Burglar?

    I was in a shop when this Cat strolled in on its own,went straight to the Cat food shelf and stared at it longingly :thee:
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    My last holiday pics

    The real Diagon Alley and Platform 9 3/4
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    Pictures from my holiday

    Harry Potter Diagon Alley and Platform 9 3/4
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    Yeah,I'm Evil

    Poor turtle,having a seagull shit on your heads not a good start to the day :snigger: qn9x/z3/v/H/V/e/a.baa.1-Yeah-Im-Evil.jpg
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    So you think your Government sucks

    Ours have got involved in children's holidays,now saying that children are only allowed holidays during school time in exceptional circumstances. Holidays during school terms are the only way the less better off are able to take the kids on holidays to other countries,or for some even in UK...
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    Congratulations on the birth of your new baby

    What a great cake :imadevil: q7ww/z3/q/Q/Q/e/a.baa-Its-a-Boy-congratulations.jpg
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    goldeneagle R.I.P

    I've been asked to let you all know that Charles White aka goldeneagle died this morning. Old Rooers might remember him,he was here around 4yrs ago. My thoughts are with his family especially his daughter Suvina seen in this photo
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    Women can Surf too

    pou6/z3/-/N/K/e/a.baa-Women-can-surf-too.jpg Nothing sexist about the sport these days:teeth:
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    Granny's Visit

    An embarassing visit from her Granny <object id="player_api" width="491" height="426" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data=""><param name="movie" value="" /><param value="true"...
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    News from Homeinspecter(Rich)

    To all of my internet friends. I had to call my RV trip off and head home as I was getting very sick and couldn't drive more than 2-3 hours before having to pull over and lay down for 30min to an hour. I went in and saw my doctor this morning and she had me get more blood test and another CT...