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  1. tasman

    canine capers.

    He really needs to work on his tells.
  2. tasman

    Our Amazing World

    Is wonder what it looks like on the inside.
  3. tasman

    Konifur get discombobulated with the English Language (Poem)

    A farmer's job is to produce produce. The politically correct term for someone with any limitations is disabled. Therefore, saying someone is invalid is invalid. A farmer is a sower, but a tailor is a sewer and neither one works in a sewer.
  4. tasman

    Computer Humor

    Oh look! It's a party line!
  5. tasman

    Memes an Things........................

    Actually, 2050 is closer, we'll never see 1990 again.
  6. tasman

    Baby its cold outside "Let it Snow"

    The last snowfall we had here, I was shoveling my drive. I was just finishing when the plow came through, the driver went to the end of the road and turned around to plow the other side of the street. When he came past my drive, he crossed the street and cleared the snow he had plowed into my...
  7. tasman

    First Date

    She's thinking positively!
  8. tasman

    punny pix 2

    Hitchcock, at first, I couldn't think of his name and the suspense was killing me.
  9. tasman

    Penny Riddle ...

    1 open up, 2 You're under arrest 3 Double cross 4 I understand 5 hole in one 6 holy cow 7 All mixed up 8 tricycle 9 Good afternoon 10 big mac 11 High chair 12 Touch down How did I do?
  10. tasman

    In case of emergency

    You never know when your laxative will kick in.
  11. tasman

    Old Black and White Pictures

    F...found O...on R...road D...dead
  12. tasman

    Comic of the Day (Cartoon)

    As I remember it, Ford Motor Co. had a contract with Firestone tire. There was some issue with the tires blowing out and causing rollover crashes with the Bronco. Ford blamed Firestone claiming they were making inferior tires, Firestone claimed Ford was using too small tires for the weight of...
  13. tasman

    The Fun House

    "Ride the roller coaster they said, it'll be fun they said. Oh, whee."
  14. tasman

    Walk down Memory Lane

    My grandma would take me there sometimes. they had balloons you could buy and pop with a tag inside them. When you popped the balloon, you got whatever treat the tag had written on it. I got my first "store bought" banana split that way.
  15. tasman

    Rednecks Are The Best Inventors!

    No. No. NO!
  16. tasman

    Comic of the Day (Cartoon)

    His designated driver?
  17. tasman

    Baby its cold outside "Let it Snow"

    When the prison I worked at first opened, there was a yellow lab that hung around all the time (he grew up on the farm the owners took him when they moved, but he kept coming back). He lived to chase anything that anybody was willing to throw. In the wintertime, we would make snowballs and...
  18. tasman

    Just A Day At The Beach (Please Add)

    Well trained.
  19. tasman

    Just A Wtf........ (please add!)

    Dropped the wedding ring, gotta get it back.
  20. tasman

    Men and Women

    I don't know about that, it never worked for me.