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    ABC TV shows/games/series etc

    So far the only thread I started has been my introduction... time for a change! I don't think this one's been covered yet, so here goes! I hope you wanna play along... All In The Family
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    Quizzes, anyone...?

    I've scrolled down, like, the first twenty odd pages of this section, but couldn't find any. Hasn't anybody ever posted one, or would there be no takers? :huh: I'm asking 'cause I happen to like quizzes (both making and taking), so if anyone's interested...just say so and I'll put one up.
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    Might as well say hello...

    so, yeah...Hello all. Although this is my first actual post on the board, I've been around for quite some time (as a member of FileCabin). This seems like an interesting place. I'll probably won't be around a lot (I know...not a good start) 'cause I have a busy life and other boards to...