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  1. J

    Too tiny thong

    hey does she have it on backwards? or is it just seranrap and dental floss.
  2. J

    hey people i forgot to tell you

    Hey i forgot to tell all you guys that read my last post about the guy who was going to kiss me and it never happend and wether i should go for it or just wate. Well i didn't go for it and i wated. I never got the filling again. SO I just hung out with him somemore and then last month when i...
  3. J

    help with this guy..

    just a up date..i haven't seen him yet..hopfuly in 2 week he is going to in perents house..But i might call him tomorrow..My best friend says he keeps talking about me and asking about me..
  4. J

    help with this guy..

    thank you all for your imput.. I did get to see him friday. :( but i will see him soon i hope.. He did call me but i wasn't home. Well next time i see him and i have a chance im going for it. If he doen't like it then i guess he will tell me or show me by pushing me away or telling my best...
  5. J

    time change

    my time is mountin time and we do not have day light time right now is 12:12pm in the afternoon and the time on my post are like 2 somthing in the afternoon. why? :confused:
  6. J

    help with this guy..

    [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=3][COLOR=Black] Hi everyone im new at this but i hope you can help me.. :confused: I have been getting advice from everyone i know.. I like this guy and we are just friends right now but i want more..i think he does to but im not sure. We sit close to eacother and...