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    ~ Happy Mother's Day to Roo's favorite Mom ♥

    Even though it's a day early, I would like to wish Diana (Little Bit) a VERY happy Mother's Day :) ~ ♥ Your Sexy Florida Girl ♥ ~
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    Sign Language

    We have all used it,.. from basic to advanced. I'll kick things off with a big "OK" :)
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    Musical Instruments

    Do you have any ? Do you play any ?? I had piano lessons when I was younger, but forgot a lot of what I learned. I am trying to pick that back up, and a little guitar too.
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    Why did ? ¿ ? ¿ .......

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    ♥ ♥ ~ ♥ Happy Birthday Squirt ♥ ~ ♥ ♥

    You always bring the sweetest rhymes To all the birthday threads You're there to share our special times And keep us close as friends Now it's time to bring it 'round And give some back to you To celebrate our awesome Mod And have some CAKE too ! :flowerhug: LYMED :flowerhug:
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    The Assault on Todays Youth

    This was on the front page of Road Runner News today. Review: Raunchy new 'South Park' game is sweet A portion of the article : Remember when "South Park" debuted on Comedy Central in 1997? Remember how shocking the cursing, toilet humor and black comedy seemed? Take that level of shock...
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    The Parking Lot Game

    The Parking Lot - Novel Games Move the cars and trucks back and forth to get the red car out.
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    Welcome to Canada !!!

    <iframe src="//" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
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    ♥ ♠ ♥ ♠ Happy Birthday Queen Isabella ♠ ♥ ♠ ♥

    Have a great day ! Celebrate all month !!! :heartburst: :muah: :heartburst:
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    Ms Diablo, is this true ???

    :heehee: :backingout: :popheart:
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    ♥ ♪♫ Held ♫♪ ♥

    There are a few threads that I could have posted this in ~ LMP's "Pick A Song !! ", Squirt's "What do you believe?," Sadie's "Buy Me A Rose", "Horty's "Power, Glory and Majesty is His Name" (because of Natalie Grant's genre) or even Bamber's "A new thread because..... " :) ..but I believe...
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    Crazy Quilt Solitaire

    Started playing this a couple of weeks ago, and play once or twice in the morning with my coffee. :goodcoffee: Novel Games - Crazy Quilt Solitaire It's fun to play, but hard to win !!! I haven't won yet !!! :hairpull: (after each time, I say "I hate this game !" out loud) :laugh: I can't give...
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    Naming The Boat

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    Roo Expectations.... (for some)

    ot7r/z3/N/N/A/e/a.baa-.gif :hehehaha: :funny: :rotf2:
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    ♥♥♥ Happy Easter ! ♥♥♥

    As I am working all weekend, and probably won't have a chance to hit profiles for personal greetings, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter, filled with many blessings. :inlove: This song is an oldie, but it always hits me right here ~ o3gv/z3/p/E/s/e/a.baa-.gif It's Don...
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    Funny Texts, Tweets, and Facebook Posts...

    Or whatever else you have that might fit in here. :bigsmile: ncvx/z3/9/d/k/e/a.baa-.PNG
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    ♥ ♣ ♥ ♣ Happy Birthday Bamber ♣ ♥ ♣ ♥

    :lotsalove:Hope your day is as sweet and special as you are. :lotsalove: n0q6/z3/U/n/g/e/a.baa-.gif ( 5 and 1/2 candles for each decade.) :bigsmile: :blowkiss: xxoo
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    ♦♦♦♥ Happy Birthday Stevent222 ♥♦♦♦

    mpgn/z3/N/P/c/e/a.baa-.gif Treat yourself good; eat cake !!! :heartburst:
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    ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ Another Birthday In The House !! ♠ ♣ ♦ ♥

    ... and it's Mr. Country17 ! moxj/z3/3/E/c/e/a.baa-.jpg moxm/z3/6/E/c/e/a.baa-.gif :inlove: Hope you and Miss Judy have a great day :inlove: :sendinglove: moxr/z3/_/E/c/e/a.baa-.gif