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  1. Bamber

    Feline Frolics

    I remember this. Kittles!
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    Funny signs.

  3. Bamber

    Just A Wtf........ (please add!)

    Took me a little time to twig what was amusing about this...
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    Feline Frolics

  5. Bamber

    Konifurs way

  6. Bamber

    Business names (please add)

  7. Bamber

    odds and ends ...

    Shhh, it's a secret!
  8. Bamber

    This morning

    Into the office again this morning. Once again, not a cloud in the sky, frost on the ground (where it wasn't burned off in the bright sunlight) and crystal clear air quality. Clarity by Phil Gayton, on Flickr Back home by 11 am to try connecting to the customer from there again. Managed to...
  9. Bamber

    Men and Women

    That reminds me:
  10. Bamber

    Bamber anecdote

    Instant memory. This post: Took me back to the early '80s. Sunday lunch time in what was my local at the time, Ye Olde Black Cross in Bromsgrove. Stan, one of the regulars, was at the bar with his friend Doc. It was getting towards closing time (Sunday hours were 11 - 2). Suddenly...
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    If journalists told it like it is

  14. Bamber

    This morning

    Sweets (MsDiablo) seems to have found out what it is; viburnum lantana, aka the wayfaring tree.
  15. Bamber

    This morning

    Bright buds by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
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    This morning

    Light on the arch by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
  17. Bamber

    This morning

    Working in the office: no internet signal at home. It's a bit chilly. Light frosting by Phil Gayton, on Flickr