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  1. Manzy

    Rednecks Are The Best Inventors!

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    A few new exam answers

  3. Manzy

    go ask alice, i think she'll know

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    Walk down Memory Lane

  5. Manzy

    what do you believe?

    I Believe I thought the scan was good 🙏🏻 I Believe oh you mean the scan for the lungs? I Believe I guess I’m confused as if they haven’t even done an MRI of the brain why do they have to do radiation therapy 😔 I Believe I think I’d tell them to you know what 😠 I Believe I’m so very sorry...
  6. Manzy

    what do you believe?

    I Believe I’m sorry to see you go on FB ~ you know you can have messenger without FB I Believe I will miss you on messenger how will I ever be able to chat with you I Believe are you sure your son didn’t forget about making the appt he was after all mushroom picking and maybe indulging lol...
  7. Manzy

    Express Yourself

    you got that right Sis I try to get out in the back yard every day it’s that or the living room lol 😂
  8. Manzy

    made with love ...

    Beautiful!! work!! so nice to see them again :D
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    Manzy's Magic

  10. Manzy

    Manzy's Magic

  11. Manzy

    Manzy's Magic

  12. Manzy

    Manzy's Magic

    and manzy lol TYSM!! ♥
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    The Challenges

  14. Manzy

    The Challenges

  15. Manzy

    The Challenges

    the ladder from awhile ago
  16. Manzy

    The Challenges

    Sure is nice that the storm has passed lol BRAVO!!! ♥ Nice animation hehehe Beautiful ~ when you posted the tube of the bricks I had just looked at similar bricks to buy for my yard they were so close in similarity I gasped lol
  17. Manzy

    The Challenges

    Beautiful view for sure ♥
  18. Manzy

    working girl ...

  19. Manzy

    Men and Women